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so many questions, so many songs unrated; the iamamiwhoami rate / THE WINNER!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by eatyourself, Nov 22, 2021.


Which album is your favorite?

  1. bounty

  2. kin

  3. blue




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  1. wtf work is still in here.
  2. HARVEST, dive, and inefficient employee can make a swift exit now x
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  3. as you wish.


    "salty as we're sinking faster
    trading tears for laughter
    down our deepest ocean"

    dive (BLUE version)

    released: november 2014 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: BLUE

    of the 19 voters that rated both versions,
    13 preferred this one

    8.1 (8.0950) average

    dive (KRONOLOGI version)

    released: june 2020 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: KRONOLOGI

    of the 19 voters that rated both versions,
    4 preferred this one

    7.6 (7.5578) average

    combined average


    highest scores:
    10.00 @sfmartin @DinahLee @Glitterizer @MisterNovem (BLUE) / @eatyourself
    9.00 @Ana Raquel @NightmareBoy @TéléDex @huntypoo (BLUE)

    lowest scores:
    5.50 @cleosnatchra (BLUE)
    6.00 @Wild Man. (BLUE) / 6.50 @Sleet (BLUE)

    Glitterizer’s score: 10.00 (BLUE)

    this was one of my 11 contenders nooooooo

    is a curious case. it is the official "theme song" of the BLUE era despite not being included in the album itself. it is a digital bonus track exclusive to the BLUE island / the TWIMC store, and hasn't even been included in the physical releases.

    i freaking LOVE this song, and i don't know if i can explain exactly why. the lyrics are the right amount of poetic and obscure, and i like the underwater atmosphere the production creates. out of all songs from the era, i think it is the most effective at sounding aquatic and oceanic on an instrumental level. the bridge is a definitive highlight, and i love a good vocoder moment.

    a music video of sorts was released for the song, mixing clips from all other BLUE videos as well as new footage of jonna looking very severe with a snatched braided hairdo and playing with water, such as filming her submerging her face and hands upside down to give an eerie effect as it looks like she's emerging instead. a short album-trailer length edit is on YouTube now, but it was available in full song length too at some point, i just can't find a trace of it online except for this spanish subbed fan upload.

    the KRONOLOGI version... exists. it does some interesting things but mostly removes my favorite elements of the original, so it would be nice to have that on streaming as well (i have it available either way since i uploaded it to my Apple Music cloud library... doesn't Spotify have that too??)

    eatyourself’s score: 10.00

    @sfmartin (10) (BLUE) “epic, why oh why can't this be on streaming. equal parts haunting and exhilarating. the vocoder is used beautifully. it is another superb addition to an already astounding album.”

    @sfmartin (3) (KRONOLOGI) “pales in comparison to the original. this sucks all the life out of the song. what was like being swept away by a wave is now a murky traipse through pond water.”

    @andru (8) (BLUE) “a decent bonus track, but i don't think its omission from the standard tracklisting of BLUE was a loss at all. it could probably replace either tap your glass or ripple in order to boost the album itself. the KRONOLOGI version released in 2020 is a lot more interesting, even if it would be completely out of place on BLUE.”

    @andru (8.75) (KRONOLOGI) “when I saw dive would be the final track in the KRONOLOGI series, i thought it'd either be the BLUE version, since it had never been on streaming platforms before, or a more stripped back/demo version similar to long ; john and summer samaritan. but it surprised me! i love how the production turned the song into something entirely different compared to the version we had, and that it's quite different to the sound of BLUE overall. it's nice to have some of claes' robotic vocals included too.”

    @DinahLee (10) (BLUE) “i have no clue of why they removed the huge outro for the KRONOLOGI version. whatever, this should have been part of BLUE.”

    @DinahLee (8) (KRONOLOGI) “now that i think about it, some of these KRONOLOGI versions were really 'ok, you'll be able to stream it now. just not as you wanted. teehee'”

  4. kal


    I’m sorry about your potential 11 @Glitterizer but dive really overstayed its welcome.
  5. 'dive' sounds as if the incessant fly-swimming of BLUE gave place to sinking. It's a bit more subdued, melancholic, introspective.

    One important aspect of the project for me (especially during KIN and BLUE) is how they made the music, themes and instrumentals go together, like:

    • the chorus of 'fountain' being on a higher octave than the verses and starting in that ascending sequence of notes, making it feel like a literal musical fountain;
    • rascal being set on a desert and having that dry, reverb-less instrumental;
    • the ending of Tap Your Glass full of those horn-like synths which makes it sound like a marching band;
    And 'dive' is another exemple of that. The production here reminds me of underwater bubbles reaching for the surface, like a glass of ENO fruit salt. It reminds me of 'kill', a song that starts off "dry" like in rascal but towards the end (as Jonna expels the water from within her) we can hear the exact same underwater bubble synthetizers as in 'dive'. All this gives me a feeling of immersion in the story, and that all their concepts are thoroughly thought out. In 'dive' in particular there is the beautiful main line of "salty as we're sinking faster" being sung by a choir of people on loop, which reminds me so much of a prayer or a mantra. Goosebump inducing.
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  6. Maybe I rated this one a little too low, but I don't know ladies, that vocoder is just not it for me. I feel like it cheapens the whole thing. Same with the bridge moment on Crystal.
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  7. Dive is better than some stuff on blue…. Aka Fountain, Tap Your Glass and Hunting For Pearls. And Ripple of course. But they’re all 8 so the score is fitting.
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  8. Incoming BLUE cull? I could do without thin, blue blue and tap your glass at this point

    fountain and hunting for pearls are the two best songs of the era
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  9. I think I misunderstood the whole rating two versions of the same song. I hate that a low score for the version I did not like could bring down the original which I adore.

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  10. kal


    I mean, it's kind of poetic justice that your incredibly low scores would end up tanking one of your own faves.
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  11. Your higher score between the two versions is the one that is counted for the combined average, so this does not happen at all!
  12. Sis what you doing???
  13. Oh wonderful, thank you for clarifying.
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  14. #33

    "it's not the self we need
    it's what we do together
    the letter 'i' is me
    whatever came next is history"


    released: february 2018 | artist: ionnalee | album: EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN


    highest scores:
    10.00 @kal @Glitterizer
    9.50 @MisterNovem @Remyky22 @9.25 @askew @Untouchable Ace
    9.00 @S_BX @eatyourself @huntypoo @TéléDex @Ana Raquel @sfmartin @Andy French

    lowest scores:
    5.00 @LE0Night
    6.00 @cleosnatchra

    Glitterizer’s score: 10.00

    not another one of my faves...

    WORK is one of the many songs that contribute to the themes of, well, work and legacy that permeate EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN, and jonna's work in general, that metalinguistic quality of making art about making art, of going out there and doing what needs to be done. i can't relate because i'm a chronically lazy procrastinating fuck when it comes to my own art, but it's a very good hype song (and a staple in my gym playlist).

    music wise, this goes hard, and i love how it's equal parts sing-talky, call-and-response, but also melodic with the classic ethereal jonna vocals for the pre-chorus and then has that great horn-like march for the main hook. i love how the verse synths sound like busy bees working tirelessly, electric and vibrating. the lyrics i quoted above gave me the chills the first time i heard them and still do to this day, what a way to summarize the ever mutating trajectory of the iamamiwhoami project and the way the community and fanbase formed! and this was absolutely
    perfect as the opener when i saw her live. sadly could not find any videos of the rio date, but i included sao paulo and LA ones below, but they do not do the feeling justice!

    eatyourself’s score: 9.00

    @kal (10) “WORK delivers”

    @sfmartin (9) “i love the industrial authoritative synths that open the song and in the chorus. it absolutely suits the song to a t. i also appreciate how it doesn’t outstay its welcome.”

    @andru (8.75) “WORK feels like a bit of a mission statement for jonna and her fans, and the vocal arrangements remind me so much of kate bush during the never for ever era which i loved right away.”

    @babyblue (8.5) “maybe this should have been the opening track? epic intro, and such a strong song overall.”

    @He (8.5) “this should have started the album, such a good opener.”

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  15. WORK is great but we’re getting to a point where that can be said for practically everything that’s left! I actually meant to refer to Kate Bush’s album The Dreaming in my comments about the vocal arrangements. I was rushing a bit by the time I got to Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten, haha.
  16. Work is the true opener of EATBF. When those sawing synths kick in around 15 seconds in that's when the album properly gets rolling. A bop and a half.
  17. kal


    summer samaritan can feel free to vacate the premises any time now.
  18. It’s an alternate version, it doesn’t have its own elimination. It leaves when SAMARITAN leaves.
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  19. I didn't click with Work until seeing it performed live. It's a perfect live opener and declaration.
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  20. ok it's WAY too son for this to be leaving for real wtf



    "let the shallows of above forget us
    getting closer to the bottom
    the venture of a life in the cold

    never to be forgotten"

    tap your glass

    released: august 2014 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: BLUE


    highest scores:
    10.00 @clowezra @Sleet @TéléDex @Andy French @Remyky22 @Glitterizer
    9.80 @MisterNovem / 9.50 @NightmareBoy / 9.30 @S_BX

    lowest scores:
    5.00 @AGiantSheep
    5.50 @He / 6.00 @Cutlery

    Glitterizer’s score: 10.00


    tap your glass is the fourth entry in the BLUE series, and a damn fine excuse for the TWIMC film crew to film in Aruba and probably take a wee vacay. considering that each song and video aesthetically represents one aspect of water and its cycle (with hunting for pearls being cold waters and vista being the vast icy landscapes), this one is associated with melting. in the video we see jonna with a headpiece representing the molten ice crown from vista (albeit a little poorly nn), she has traded her full bodysuit and cape for a one piece bikini and the visuals are washed in warm, orange-y tones. she has swerved the stalker shadow figures and we see her throwing bottle messages (song lyrics) out into the ocean, looking for help. something about bad fans and good fans or something (in ripple we see the former finding these messages).

    musically i really enjoy how this song embodies the concept. there's a certain duality between the production elements. it starts out with very somber (yet warm) beats in the lower range and slowly introduces very cheerful, kalimba-like sounds. it takes a while for us to get to the amazing chorus, but from there on out the song keeps building and building layers and getting more "epic", culminating in an almost cacophonic march of synths near the end.

    eatyourself’s score: 8.75

    @kal (8) “this is among the few more experimental songs on the album, which i really like. there are some absolutely stunning visuals in the video too.”

    @sfmartin (7) “this has never quite worked for me. that being said it’s certainly not a total write off. when they finally get to a chorus half way through it lifts off. i just wish they’d kept up the momentum. it also goes on way too long.”

    @andru (7.5) “i think being placed between vista and blue blue makes this pale by comparison, and it's a definite lull in the first half of the album. i like some of the instrumentation, and the 'we are creating new islands' lyric is something that has stuck with fans, but it doesn't really leave much of an impression on me overall.”

    @babyblue (8) “is it called a steel drum? it's such a great finishing touch on this track. reminds me of pass this on <3.”


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