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so many questions, so many songs unrated; the iamamiwhoami rate / THE WINNER!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by eatyourself, Nov 22, 2021.


Which album is your favorite?

  1. bounty

  2. kin

  3. blue




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  1. kal


    SAMARITAN is the one that really needs to go.
  2. I mean, that is a stellar top 20. 10s, 10s across the board.
  3. You're ill!

    Drops is one of my favorites but I think it sounds so muddled in terms of mixing. I wish they would re-master it.
  4. Oh no...Not "Drops".
    I have no idea what the Top 10 will look like now.
  5. I mean, actually, that 'b' is missing from the top 10 - let alone top 20 - is not on.


  6. and the first elimination of the top 20 is...



    "my icy heart will turn to gold
    gazing underneath this tidy sky
    claim my land of frozen soil
    rest my eyes on this grand view, making it mine


    released: april 2014 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: BLUE


    highest scores:
    11.00 @S_BX
    10.00 @Andy French @MisterNovem @NightmareBoy @Untouchable Ace @DinahLee
    9.50 @sfmartin @babyblue

    lowest scores:
    6.50 @Kadebostany
    7.00 @kal @Ana Raquel

    Glitterizer’s score: 9.50

    vista was the third track and video of the BLUE series. after diving to run away from the shadow figures in hunting for pearls, jonna resurfaces on the other side, now crowned. the lyrics and video are some of the most straightforward in their meaning, at least to me: after the initial phase of being figuratively chased, with fans trying to uncover the secrets and identity of iamamiwhoami, jonna now embraces her new role as "queen" of this land and people, the internet community of fans that formed around the project. lyrics such as "through all the shallow depths, I had to wade / this could have become my darkest hour / enough of days of living in the shade" are likely a reference to her previous struggles and dissatisfaction with the music industry and her career.

    musically, this song is pretty straightforward too, big and anthemic like most of this album. the production is just a liiiittle bit too loud and messy sometimes, but it works for the most part, it's just rock-solid tune. i wish it got more live outings, but it's probably hard as fuck to sing. the combination of lots of words crammed together + super high pitch... i don't blame ha!

    eatyourself’s score: 8.7

    @kal (7) “the music video here is stunning, but i find the musical production a bit all over the place. the song itself is good, but it's not as polished as the previous two.”

    @sfmartin (9.5) “BLUE is just smash after smash and this is no different. the quality of these first three songs is outstanding. it is made up of so many enticing pieces like an upbeat jigsaw. no idea what she's singing about but i bop. i love how it all drops away for the bridge, makes you appreciate the joyous chorus.”

    @andru (8.75) “something about it doesn't quite click with me, but it's not bad. i prefer experiencing it with the visual, rather than on its own too - the shots of jonna with the white flag at the end are great! i liked how twimc used the "want want want use use use" in their shop's site design at the time too, haha.”


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  7. Uhh, what? How the hell is this out so early? I thought this was a bit of a fan favourite; I'm surprised by some of the relatively low ratings going on here.
  8. kal


    Now we need SAMARITAN and play to go next, and the top 17 will be immaculate.
  9. This is wrong like… fountain is still in there??????

    idk idk it’s just not right stop the count!!
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  10. The reason why I only gave it an 8. I want to like it more but It hurts my ears.
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  11. I'd like GONE to go before either of those. I know people love it but it doesn't do much for me.
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  12. Vista contains some of ionna's best lyrics.

  13. #19

    "headlights cut the black with a glow
    heavy breathing steams down the window"


    released: may 2018 | artist: ionnalee | album: EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN


    highest scores:
    10.00 @Andy French @He @sfmartin @Remyky22 @Babyblue @NightmareBoy @andru @DinahLee @Untouchable Ace @Zdarlight
    09.60 @MisterNovem
    09.50 @TéléDex

    lowest scores:
    5.50 @LE0Night
    6.00 @Future Lover

    eatyourself’s score: 8.75

    BLAZING is EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN's ninth track and served as a buzz single for the album. the lyrics express triumph and movement, like a victory chant.

    i've said before that i'm not a big fan of this one, i even wish i hadn't given such a high grade to it. it not only lacks a chorus but also loops the second verse forever on... and it's too long. i like it for its "meant to be played at concerts" vibe, but it doesn't work for me.

    glitterizer’s score: 7.50

    @kal (9) “Love, love the production”

    @sfmartin (10) “Just a blast. A totally bonkers mash up of sleepy verses, the strange ‘blazing’ pre-chorus that repeats like a broken record and then smashing suddenly into these over the top towering synths, Jonna rapping of all things in the second chorus and then just banging it all together for the finale. I’m sure many people will say it doesn’t work but I love it in all of it’s messy glory.”

    @andru (10) “Feel like this is the u-2/in due order/ripple of the album. A divisive track that you either love or loathe. I LOVE IT.”

    @DinahLee (10) “She said "I can't make the music not bop"”

    @cleosnatchra (8) “One of my favorites, but damn, something about the mixing and mastering of this album just took every song down a notch from their previous work...”

    @Babyblue (10) “maybe my favorite track of 2018.”

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  14. This one really outstayed its welcome. Above vista? Above b???
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  15. When you put it like this, it's a war crime.
  16. kal



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  17. Hosts are LOSING!
    Taste is WINNING!
    Samaritan GO away.

    This top10 will be gold

  18. this shit hurts


    "almost forgotten the way we used to live for play
    to be accepted I must blend into convention's way
    and sing in universal ways"


    released: february 2012 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: kin


    highest scores:
    11.00 @Kadebostany @kal
    10.00 @Future Lover @He @andru @clowezra @Cutlery @Andy French

    lowest scores:
    5.75 @askew
    6.50 @Zdarlight

    Glitterizer’s score: 9.50

    sever sadly has to go now, but it leaves as the rate's highest rated "ballad"! this song is just gorgeous, and probably deserved a 10 from me in retrospect. that intro is so haunting, the simple and effective lyrics, the switch up with the sudden loud synths that don't actually break the mood and only enhance it... it's a career highlight.

    the video is similarly simple but highly effective and direct in its message, which could be summed up as: it's mental illness luv! lonely jonna in her undies (with wet hair for some reason) dances with her inner demons in a cold, minimalistic environment. i love the eeriness of the multiple apartment windows shown, each with their own inhabitants, all exactly the same yet different. her touching her stomach only feeds fuel to the fire of my theory that much of her work is based around a struggle with infertility but that's just speculation on my part. but if you look at the whole of her imagery and some very specific lyrics... there's something there.

    also the one time jonna noticed me was when i quoted the lyrics of this song in response to a meme. she liked my tweet!!

    oh, and the KONSERT version is pretty great.
    give it a listen below if you haven't!

    eatyourself’s score: 9.25

    @kal (11) “the first minute of sever is easily my favourite thing they've ever done. i assume i'm gonna be an outlier giving my 11 to this, but after all these years it's still the song that i connect with on a deeper level compared to all their others.”

    @sfmartin (8.5) “a mysterious and subdued opener but nonetheless beautiful. i love the line “to be accepted i must blend into convention’s way”. i remember physically jumping at the unexpected burst of punchy synths at the three minute mark.”

    @andru (10) “i loved the melancholic vibe of sever on first listen in 2012. and the lyrics are some of their best written work.”

    @cleosnatchra (8.5) “this one has gotten a little less effective with age”

    @babyblue (7.75) “a really captivating opener.”

    @Ana Raquel (8) “this is so 2012 me! back then in my #indie era (where i also kinda flirted with dark ambient), this was one of those tracks i loved listening to when i was sad. i've grown some affection towards it.”


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  19. kal


    Well it’s over.
  20. Sever really is great, I'm not sure why I didn't give it a ten. The synthwork is definitely some of iam's very very best.
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