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so many questions, so many songs unrated; the iamamiwhoami rate / THE WINNER!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by eatyourself, Nov 22, 2021.


Which album is your favorite?

  1. bounty

  2. kin

  3. blue




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  1. Get NOT HUMAN in its half-baked Eurovision reject glory OUT. It has no business anywhere near Jonna's top 20, let alone outlasting some of these recent cuts.
  2. kal


    It's such a shame that SAMARITAN beat sever. Covid really messed with ya'll's taste, huh...
  3. I think it’s the lead single effect. If SAMARITAN was just just a random album track… hmm.
  4. sever is striking, bold, elegant, and the visual of Jonna dancing with the clump intertwined with the shots dancing on her own; it's immaculate
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  5. [​IMG]


    "continue the line i draw
    fill in the missing mark
    without you, you
    i am who?"

    blue blue

    released: september 2014 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: BLUE


    highest scores:
    10.00 @DinahLee @Andy French @sfmartin @TéléDex @Remyky22
    @Wild Man. @eatyourself @Glitterizer @andru @kal

    lowest scores:
    6.00 @Sleet
    6.25 @Cutlery
    6.50 @cleosnatchra

    Glitterizer’s score: 10.00

    blue blue... is perfect. in my opinion it's their most anthemic, sing-along in the crowd song, and i was so bummed that it wasn't part of the setlist when i saw her. specially cause it was in Rio, so it would have fit right in! but anyway... yeah, i don't know what else to say about the song. it's grand, it's confident, it's uplifting and hopeful but not without mystery or a dark undercurrent that permeates most of iamamiwhoami's work. i remember some fans turning on her when BLUE started to come, some people even said this sounded like Coldplay which is just... ok sis!

    the video perfectly matches the song, and takes place after tap your glass in the timeline, after the ice has melted away, leaving jonna in some sort of tropical paradise with one lone shadow figure to whom she sings the lyrics. it seems to be a ~love letter to fans~ and the way the community and our interaction completes the purpose of her work ("without you, i am who?"), which is a nice change of pace from all the draggings we get i guess ddddd lyrics like "owning up to each letter spelled, rewrite the story that i now tell" and "fill in the missing mark", to me, seem to be about the theories, the attention to every single detail and how, even if it's not what was intended by her, everyone's interpretation of an artistic piece is valid in its own way, and could also be about how such interactions changed the course that the project was originally supposed to take.

    nobody left any negative commentary, but i know some voters probably think it's all a bit corny and cheesy. i guess the live performance with fan videos being projected onto her dress didn't help nn

    eatyourself’s score: 10.00

    @kal (10) “another contender for the coveted 11. what a song.”

    @sfmartin (10) “this song could come dangerously close to nabbing my 11. the glorious centrepiece of a magnificent album. so joyous and uplifting. you can see the sun in clear skies; feel sand beneath your feet and crystal blue seas in front of you. the video perfectly captures the song in this way. jonna’s vocals are once again so warm and comforting. i don’t know how she does it but that synth instrumental that introduces then follows the first chorus captures a different uplifting feeling each time. the transcendent chorus soars. it’s just delightful all round.”

    @andru (10) “perhaps one of their most conventional and straight-forward sounding songs due to the synth work, but i love it! in an alternate timeline, iamamiwhoami is a major pop act and this became the sound of summer.”


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  6. kal


    sever and BLUE BLUE exiting consecutively, not even in the top 10? I’m sorry @Glitterizer & @eatyourself but the rate is cancelled.

    The PopJustice hive mind has failed iamamiwhoami and ionnalee.
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  7. My 11 and 7 out of 8 tens are still here so I'm happy with how it's going at the moment
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  8. Blue Blue has never been a favorite of mine - gotta be real. Something is slightly off in the production for me, but it is still leagues above most other music.
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  9. You must be referring to the voice of god in those synthesizers?
  10. You mean those synths even Kate Bush left in 1985?
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  11. I didn't expect blue blue to last quite so long; I had in mind it was one of the fans' least favourites from BLUE, maybe second only to ripple, but it appears people have a bit more love for it than I thought was the case.
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  12. Lmao this being out at #17 and it would easily be top3 for some girls out there.

    blue blue is probably the moment where everything makes sense on Blue (no surprise it’s the ~title track)

    that Wall (or maybe WAVE??) of synths that actually sounds like crystals and the waves crashing on shore, the constant rising… amazing. Also probably one of their best songs performed Live. It just flows.

    I absolutely don’t get how people can dislike this or call it weak on the same album that has fucking Fountain and Ripple which are… annoying noise.
  13. kal


    My hot take about BLUE is that it doesn't have any bad songs. vista is a bit grating, but it's still an anthem.
  14. "fountain" is so moving, and since it's still in, it must be doing something right!
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  15. It does make me move to the Skip button so I guess that’s it?

    (I’m bitching but provably gave it like a 7 at worst so… that’s a career x)

    I had no idea blue blue was actually somehow “disliked” and would be a shoe-in for top10, but things are looking interesting. I can see 3 albums making to the top5.
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  16. [​IMG]


    "i don't believe in a god
    let's leave religion out of all this
    i don't remember promising my life and soul
    to bring you all bliss"


    released: march 2017 | artist: ionnalee | album: EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN

    of the 19 voters that rated all three versions,
    14 preferred this one

    8.6 (8.7661) average

    summer samaritan

    released: may 2020 | artist: ionnalee | album: KRONOLOGI

    of the 19 voters that rated all three versions,
    5 preferred this one

    7.4 (7.4394) average

    combined average


    highest scores:
    10.00 @Sleet @He @S_BX @huntypoo @BubblegumBoy @Untouchable Ace
    @MisterNovem @TéléDex @Wild Man. @andru @Andy French @Kadebostany (EABF)

    lowest scores:
    6.50 @askew (EABF)
    7.00 @AGiantSheep @NightmareBoy (KRONOLOGI)

    Glitterizer’s score: 9.00 (EABF)

    wouldn't you know it, we are back to the regularly scheduled programming of jonna dragging the fanbase nn

    was the very first song released by jonna as a solo artist under the name ionnalee. i remember it feeling like such a big direct statement at the time, with the video having choreography, the Comme Des Garçons collaboration, the song being kind of fast paced for what we were used to... reactions to it were mixed, and i wonder how much said reactions would be different if she just... kept using the name iamamiwhoami? hmm!

    the march-like intro is immediately ominous and engaging, and like i said, the song is relatively fast paced and poppy, but that's
    a lot of words to fit in a chorus. she makes it work though! and they aren't nice words either, she kinda lets stan culture have it... it is funny that she felt uncomfortable being called a goddess, when just a few eliminations ago i was talking about her dressed as a queen in the vista video dddd

    the video has some cute references to the early eras, with the 6 strawberries on the table. honestly i never paid much attention to this album's storyline and can't really explain it even after it again with @eatyourself but... it looks nice!

    eatyourself’s score: 9.00 (KRONOLOGI)


    @kal (8) “samaritan has lost a bit of its luster with time.”

    @sfmartin (9.5) “what a powerful introduction to her solo music. what i liked most about this when i first heard it was how clear her vocals sounded. like nothing we had previously been used to. it’s definitely a lot poppier than iamamiwhoami’s output but also retains that quirky spirit. the only slight downside to me is the staccato chorus which i’ve never fully gelled with.”

    @MisterNovem (10) “one of the best songs ever. so huge sounding and fierce.”

    @andru (10) “an incredible introduction to jonna as a solo artist post-iamamiwhoami. for me it feels quite different to anything iamamiwhoami did, while maintaining a familiarity thanks to jonna's distinctive vocals and song writing style. i like that the lyrics are a lot more direct, seem personal and aren't so abstract in what they're dealing with since a lot of iamamiwhoami's lyrics feel extremely self-contained and self-referential.”

    @cleosnatchra (7.6) “this was exciting for how different it was, but do i love listening to it? nah”

    summer samaritan

    @sfmartin (6) “it doesn’t try anything too out the box and as such it’s a pleasing addition if maybe a little bland.”

    @andru (7) “it's interesting to see where this song started, but i think the version included on everyone afraid to be forgotten sounds more urgent and commands your attention which definitely suits the lyrical themes and made for a great introduction to ionnalee's solo debut post-iamamiwhoami.”


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  17. Next elimination will be the last one before we reach a 9.0 average... and we aren't even in the Top 10 yet! Iconic!! A discography!!!
  18. I'd be okay with "NOT HUMAN" or "play" leaving at this point. The rest is stellar.

  19. [​IMG]


    "take off your hat
    and pull a rabbit out for me"


    released: march 2012 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: KIN


    highest scores:
    10.00 @Andy French @MisterNovem @Cutlery @clowezra @cleosnatchra @DinahLee @lob0to @huntypoo @Sleet @sfmartin
    9.80 @Kadebostany

    lowest scores:
    6.25 @Glitterizer
    7.00 @Ana Raquel

    eatyourself’s score: 9.5

    play is the fourth song on KIN. it is a slightly R&B inspired, jazz tinged piece of work that represents KIN's wilder, looser side that goes in contrast with the straightforward and logical side. if you remember it from in due order where i talked about the right/left brain theory, you might conclude that play represents the right side: creative, adventurous, emotional. the lyrics just drive home the idea that jonna has to give in to herself in order to "make up songs for us to sing" - she literally gets struck by lightning in the video and becomes the queen of hookers of middle earth.

    most of the criticism around this song comes from its repetitiveness, and i have to give it up to you guys - it gets grating sometimes. i still love this so much because to me it almost serves as a caricature of BOUNTY. she's in her witchiest, most scandalous high-note-filled vocal register singing these suggestive lyrics that go back and forth between sexual and abusive. the repetitiveness here isn't the result of chance, it evokes a trance-like atmosphere, like she is praying or going through a ritual.

    now there is one last iconic bit I have to add - the 'trivia' portion of the song's page on their fandom wiki:

    • the single was featured on the american itunes electronic "new & noteworthy singles" in april 2012.
    • the song received its first large airplay debut in the United Kingdom on BBC Radio 1 on august 7th 2012 (although in a shortened version).
    • the song was referred to as the first commercial single to be taken from kin for radio airplay, starting july 30th, 2012. A promotional disc was issued by cooperative music.
    • musicians like kerli and ellie Goulding have expressed their liking for the track, posting it on their Facebook and Twitter respectively.

    you can't get more iconic than this.

    Glitterizer’s score: 6.25

    @kal (8) “I really disliked this song when it came out, but everyone else seems to love it. It's definitely grown on me with repeated listens but it definitely remains an acquired taste.”

    @sfmartin (10) “Sexy, sublime and so much fun. That, robust, hypnotic beat, swaggering throughout the song is tremendous. Highlight of the album for me. I adore the twinkling moments in the bridge and sprinkled throughout. All in all just divine.”

    huntypoo (10) “BOP”

    @andru (8.75) “Probably the most bizarre and bewitching song on kin, but I marked it down a bit because it can be a bit grating sometimes. Definitely a song that goes up and down in my estimation depending on how I'm feeling when listening!”

    @DinahLee (10) “Easily one of their best flirts with a more commercial sound.”

    @cleosnatchra (10) “Loved this since the snippet. So cool hearing the hip-hop inspired production. And the 'lalala' part is SO undeniable. So glad this was 'successful'; I think one of my proudest iam moments was when a friend put this song on at a gathering (who I'm sure only knew iam casually, from this song) and I went fucking CRAZY”

    @Babyblue (7.25) “while an interesting sonic forray, it's not the style I love.”

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  20. I love the verses but I hate the rest. And it always bothered me that this is a fan favorite and is one of her most streamed dddd
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