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so many questions, so many songs unrated; the iamamiwhoami rate / THE WINNER!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by eatyourself, Nov 22, 2021.


Which album is your favorite?

  1. bounty

  2. kin

  3. blue




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  1. Ugh, out too soon but glad she made it this far. One of my favorite songs ever and was definitely in contention for my 11.
  2. It’s better in a live setting for me. Everyone joining in with the “la la la la la” and swaying as she does is great to experience. But it’s such an annoying song in any other context!
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  3. This not making the top 10 is…wild. This is my one of my absolute favourite songs by them, so beautiful and bizarre.
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  4. Ok. I love Not Human...but outliving PLAY???? I'm scared for the rest.
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  5. I think play leaving now was the right decision. The chorus, as others have pointed out, is really grating.
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  6. time to eliminate our first 9+ average song!


    "come on just kill these demands and notions
    all this commotion is not worth it
    come on, just give this a second coming
    an age is dawning with all smiles and laughter


    released: may 2012 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: kin


    highest scores:
    10.00 @askew @NightmareBoy @Zdarlight @Future Lover @clowezra
    @DinahLee @eatyourself @He @Untouchable Ace @andru

    lowest scores:
    6.50 @babyblue
    7.00 @LE0Night
    7.50 @Ana Raquel

    Glitterizer’s score: 8.75

    who the fuck is jesquildes, i just wanna know?

    kill is the penultimate track on kin. honestly i wanted @eatyourself to write this one since he's better with the bounty and kin symbolism than me and scored it higher, but he didn't want to swap it with NOT HUMAN so... you get little old me!

    this is one of their more minimalistic songs, and it's one of my favorites in that department. it has a nice build-up, and the last choruses where the vocals get louder and louder are my favorite part. the video shows... jonna finally "giving birth" to kin when her water breaks, and the ocean that shows up connects this nicely to BLUE, so in a sense this is the true narrative ending of the kin series, with goods beings kind of a separate, abstract epilogue, but we will get to that later.

    i LOVE the contrasting shots of jonna marching inside the closet, one in all white from the front, and one in all black looking out into the grim, grey building. great imagery!

    eatyourself’s score: 10.00

    @kal (8) “i don't have any strong opinions about kill tbh.”

    @sfmartin (8.5) “a solid track. i enjoy how this builds and builds throughout the song. it starts off plodding along and creeps up in momentum. however saying that it doesn’t actually go very many interesting places.”

    @andru (10) “i love the the way the song builds, and my enjoyment is definitely heightened by its visual - the underwater scenes are really beautiful, and i like some of the more peculiar moments like when Jonna is marching inside the closet.”

  7. This missing the top 10 as well is just ridiculous???
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  8. Fuck all of you. It’s done.
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  9. There are only fourteen eliminations left... but twenty one 11s

  10. kal


    - me to everyone who rated sever below a 10
  11. The way my favorite album will ALWAYS leak before the top10 I…

    but honestly? I thought this one was getting tossed earlier. Love it but don’t think I ever saw someone commenting about it.
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  12. let me eliminate another song
    to make up for taking so long with these


    "what lies beyond the fringe of the woods?
    dust to dust so we leave for good"


    released: january 2014 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: BLUE


    highest scores:
    11.00 @andru @babyblue @Untouchable Ace

    10.00 @LE0Night @S_BX @kal @Wild Man. @sfmartin
    @Glitterizer @Cutlery @MisterNovem @NightmareBoy
    @Future Lover @clowezra @eatyourself @Andy French

    lowest scores:
    6.50 @kadesbostany @Ana Raquel
    7.00 @ArronJustMight
    7.50 @Sleet @cleosnatchra

    Glitterizer’s score: 10.00

    first song in the rate to receive three 11s. legendary!

    fountain was our first taste of the BLUE album and whew... it blew my mind back then. it's pure melody, pure anthem, pure vocals, pure synth. there's no muddiness or grit or quirk to be found here, it's crystal clear like water. jonna herself has mentioned that she felt BLUE as an album had this quality, of being a more direct statement, and fountain really sets that tone.

    claes doing the backing vocals really adds a sense of mystery and melancholy to the song... some people here on the forum even thought this was a goodbye single, which is kinda hilarious in retrospect. we really were terrified of losing the elusive chanteuse!

    there's not much to say about the video, excpet that she looks amazing. the all white boat, the winter garment, the makeup... it's giving a bit of bounty era drag, i fear.

    eatyourself’s score: 10.00

    @kal (10) “i feel like they really perfected their sound with this album, and it's pretty evident from the very first song. jonna navigates the melodies masterfully.”

    @sfmartin (10) “just gorgeous. i listen to this song and i am instantly at peace. for an album that is about something often cold and wet, this song kicks everything off in such a warm, comforting way. i feel like i'm effortlessly floating, with warm water all around me, enveloping my senses. jonna's voice is like a heavenly goddess instantly putting me to ease.”

    @andru (11) “probably the most obvious 11. but it truly is one of iamamiwhoami's best. i feel like it takes everything from bounty and kin, and what was to come with blue, and encapsulates the whole experience of iamamiwhoami in one song. imogen heap (another one of my favourite artists) covering the song, and then performing it with jonna in konsert, also adds to my love of it!”

    @babyblue (11) “i was quite a latecomer when it comes to iamamiwhoami, and this was my ear-opening moment. it gives nostalgic adventage to this song, but even then i think it still holds as my favorite of theirs. its melodies and production are so euphoric to me, i can think of few other songs that are able to wash over me like fountain does.”

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  13. Nooo, not fountain! I'm honestly surprised it missed the top 10.
  14. So it missed the top 3 by some margin.
    I could have just given my 11 to Dunes Of Sand again then.
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  15. kal


    SAMARITAN receiving a higher rating than fountain is a fucking tragedy.
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  16. But SAMARITAN is out already…
  17. kal


    Oof. Covid has messed my brain up.
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  18. GET.




    These are discography classics that we're cutting off right now! And for WHAT?
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  19. #12

    and the songs that you sang
    and the words that you meant
    will be here when you are gone"


    released: november 2017 | artist: ionnalee | album: EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN

    of the 19 voters that rated all three versions,
    13 preferred this one

    9.2 (9.2000) average

    GONE (iamamiwhoami remix)

    released: december 2017 | artist: ionnalee | album: single

    of the 19 voters that rated all three versions,
    2 preferred this one

    7.7 (7.7053) average

    combined average


    highest scores:
    11.00 @BubblegumBoy (EABF)

    10.00 @Kadebostany @DinahLee @huntypoo @Remyky22 @TéléDex
    @askew @Wild Man. @sfmartin @Cutlery @MisterNovem
    @Future Lover
    @Andy French @Untouchable Ace (EABF)

    lowest scores:
    6.00 @Sleet (EABF)
    6.50 @LE0Night
    7.20 @S_BX (remix)

    Glitterizer’s score: 9.50 (EABF)

    GONE is a recreation of a musical piece originally released as the very short "papachoo" interlude back when jonna was still licking tree bark and chilling in amniotic fluid, finally becoming a full song in its own right.

    and wow, what a song it is! despite not being the last one standing from it, this is the mission statement of this album. i've talked before about how much of EABF (and jonna's work in a wider sense) seems to relate to legacy, self-image and an artist's body of work, but this is the song that really spells it out. here's some excerpts from Decoded magazine's article/interview with jonna:

    "As our generation pores over and pours into social media with a desire to leave as much of ourselves and our legacy out in the world – like a self-edited epitaph, to ensure that we are remembered and control how such remembrance is preserved – EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN explores the different fears and struggles we, as human beings, contend with. ionnalee has hers but, importantly, the songs are intelligently crafted so as to allow for the listener’s personal meaning to coexist."

    "The most significant source of insecurity and fear has, ultimately, proved to hinge on ionnalee’s health, as a cancer scare, numerous medical screenings and a subsequent diagnosis of a thyroid disorder exposed a serious possibility of permanent damage to the singer’s vocal chords. [...] For ionnalee this record not only had to be made, but it had to be made now and it had to bring in elements of her history in order to open a door to a hopeful thereafter. “I wanted to see who am I in the present, as a solo artist. I want a lifespan career and, for that, I need to make sure I’m clear about who I am as an artist now.” To do this, she decided that, along with the album’s brand new compositions, she would hark back to older sounds and song-elements that, despite never previously being released, stand as pivotal stepping stones in her career. “I wanted to connect with the beginning of iamamiwhoami and the evolution I’ve gone through since”, she says."

    i feel like, while not as new as exciting as shadowshow's complete transformation in BLUE, this reimagining of the original interlude is probably the most successful of the ones we can directly compare. it's immediately recognizable as what it's supposed to be, and the new parts slide right in, as if they were always there. the lyrics are fantastic and powerful, and the production matches the grandness of the statement. it's very... baroque for what we are used to hearing from jonna, it would be interesting to see her explore some of these sounds further.

    the iamamiwhoami remix... feels a bit reductive? it's cute and more electro, rawer, but it doesn't really flow nicely. the main synth pattern is a bit too halloween-y and macabre for the hopeful lyrics.

    i... don't really understand why there's a guy pissing on her in the video.

    eatyourself’s score: 9.00 (EABF)


    @kal (9) “i love how ionna gave us the most iconic interludes as full songs on this album.”

    @sfmartin (10) “tremendous. that thunderous instrumental just comes out of nowhere and decapitates you heralding another epic chorus like so many of the great tracks on the album. the bridge is a wonderful constrast, light and airy vocals and bring a brief moment of respite before plunging right back into the thick of it.”
    @BubblegumBoy (11) “the lyrics of this song are just so powerful and the way the production builds and just explodes near the end. euphoric!”

    @andru (9.5) “so glad that we finally got a song based on the popular "papachoo" prelude, but i wish this version included those beloved lines, and that the percussive beat from the prelude was more prominent (i think it *is* in the mix, but very low). this probably should be a 10, but the sense it didn't quite live up to expectation is difficult to shake.”

    @DinahLee (10)
    “i wonder how they transformed it from prelude into full song because, different from the other ones, this is a mammoth. really kept in a giant ice cube and then defrosted at the right time. just epic.”

    @cleosnatchra (8.3) “was so excited for making the 'papachoo' instrumental into an actual song. and for the most part it succeeds. there's something a bit too dramatic about it that leaves me a little cold compared to the iam material?”
    @babyblue (9.5) “otherwordly melody.”

    GONE (iamamiwhoami remix)

    @sfmartin (3) “not a patch on the original. the attempts to integrate the original video qualities just doesn’t work. the pre chorus just doesn’t fit”

    @huntypoo (8) “this is... something!”

    @andru (9) “it doesn't flow too well, and i'm not sure it met its full potential. i like that it has its own verse compared to the album version, and that it's more like a gone, pt. 2 than a remix!”

    @DinahLee (8) “it's a nice concept. i haven't listened to it in so long, but it sounds interesting. i wonder if it is some sort of original version of the song, since it's using more of the prelude\in concert music.”

    @cleosnatchra (6) “was really excited for the return of papachoo, but... i found the mixing/production really shoddy on this, and ultimately it felt pretty pointless. the one part i do really like do like is the bridge an octave down against the harder beat. that saves it from a lower score”

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  20. and now...

    which song won't / shouldn't make the Top 10?

    ; john

    idle talk

    hunting for pearls
    chasing kites


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