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so many questions, so many songs unrated; the iamamiwhoami rate / THE WINNER!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by eatyourself, Nov 22, 2021.


Which album is your favorite?

  1. bounty

  2. kin

  3. blue




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  1. Hunting for Pearls is my favorite off Blue! Truly makes my waters flow.

    So sad that “n” is out, pulling for the rest of bounty.
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  2. hello! i would like to preface this post by saying that we know eliminations have been slow lately and updates are far apart. when we started this rate i was on vacation from work and @Glitterizer had no other rates to care for - now he has the K-Boys rate and i'm back at work. as we intend on delivering quality write-ups and would rather not rush anything out of hurry, we hope you guys understand that it may take us some time to come around to updating this thread - but there are no plans on halting it!! so stick with us. tack så mycket!

    now let us see how this top 10 begins...


    "under the full moon
    only endless rain
    and absence of your heart"


    released: april 2010 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: BOUNTY


    highest scores:
    10.00 @clowezra @cleosnatchra @Untouchable Ace @lob0to @andru @huntypoo @AGiantSheep @NightmareBoy @Wild Man. @MisterNovem @eatyourself @sfmartin @kal @Babyblue
    09.50 @Glitterizer @Remyky22 @Kadebostany @Cutlery

    lowest scores:
    7.00 @askew
    7.50 @Ana Raquel

    eatyourself’s score: 10.00

    o is iamamiwhoami's second full-length single after the preludes. in the video we can see jonna planted in a vase alongside other eye-bearing plants. jonna is initially netted but is able to free herself, and is wearing an elizabethan collar (even though it's one of those medical collars) while standing underneath a cup that hangs from the ceiling. we see six masks/skulls which seem to be covered in glow-in-the-dark semen and i am not kidding. i see this video as the mandragora's actual departure from the mage's cabin, since un u-1 we already see the ventriloquist doll in her place. the description of the video used to contain a link to a YouTube video of a slideshow of cars and women. symbolically speaking this is very hard to interpret in my opinion, but it does seem the video tackles the "treat nature better!!" themes they explored.

    now i am surprised this song received zero 11s. no one thought this is jonna's best song ever! i mean, i know there is no competition to enchilada love, but as that's not in the rate i thought O might have stood a chance. turns out i was wrong! this is a melancholy, longing song rich with bassy synthetizers and jonna's choir-like vocals. the lyrics are very straightforward and sound like they serve a proper "breakup song" intent, though it isn't clear to me who she is suffering for. i personally love the way she talks about the full moon and the rain and sparks/flames, it makes for a very visual experience. the song was registered under the name "love (the sound of letting go)" and i imagine that the main theme here is jonna's disappointment with the way the music industry works.

    Glitterizer’s score: 9.50

    @kal (10) “An eerie bop. It takes a while to get going, but it sure goes places. Special mention to the plants with eyes that make a reappearance in the video.”

    @sfmartin (10) “I mean this is where it all properly kicked off for me. This is where my love catapulted into the stratosphere and I was hooked. It captured my imagination and about every one of my musical tastes at the time. Dramatic, dark, gothic, electro banger. I never once minded how long it takes to get going in the beginning because it fits perfectly with the video slowly introducing us to Jonna in her cat collar for the first time and wow what an introduction. Quite a simple song by their standards but everything it does it does with polish and finesse. A crystal clear gallop into electro magnificence. I heard/saw this back in 2010 and knew momentarily that I had just met my new favourite artist. What a feeling that was.”

    @andru (10) “This has always felt like a sinister version of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" to me and it's absolute perfection. A contender for my 11. and I'm still hoping the prelude version will be released one day!”

    @DinahLee (8.5) “It's a very strong vision of Love.”

    @cleosnatchra (10) “Classique iam.”

    @Babyblue (10) “if i could give more than one 11. this would be it. transcendant.”

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  3. This made me remember this incredible mashup I've had in my library for who knows how long:

    O really is stunning. I remember how shook I was to hear straightforward electropop from them after all the intros and it made me so excited for what was to come.
  4. Expected this to land much, much higher. A real highlight of bounty and their entire discography. I really struggled between choosing this and fountain as my 11.
  5. kal


    Count me in with the people surprised this didn’t get a single 11.

    I guess NOT HUMAN really is that bitch huh.
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  6. [​IMG]


    "with you it's magical
    the urge is animal"


    released: june 2017 | artist: ionnalee | album: EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN


    highest scores:
    11.00 @Untouchable Ace

    10.00 @kal @eatyourself @sfmartin @Sleet @Kadebostany @MisterNovem @Wild Man. @clowezra @DinahLee @Zdarlight @Andy French @TéléDex @ArronJustMight @He
    09.75 @andru

    lowest scores:
    5.00 @Remyky22
    7.50 @cleosnatchra @lob0to

    eatyourself’s score: 10.00

    and the waters finally flow! NOT HUMAN is track #5 and the second single from EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN. Jonna wears COMME des GARÇONS and wintercroft masks, along with a full-body fur suit that makes her look like an afghan hound. i think i mentioned i know nothing about how the plot evolves past BLUE, but i guess this song and video talk about the connection she has with the audience and how that feels like a primal, ancient force. the lyrics obviously read as two people wanting to copulate and there is a lot of organic imagery throughout (wind, fire, water, urge, animal) which contrasts to the "with you it's magical/i'm not human" verse that brings the sense of artificiality, which in turn is a nice sum-up of the overall project's themes.

    whew, this little song's power. as much as i stand by my 10 i can't help but feel surprised by how well it performed, and this happened considerably late in the voting process as the top 10 shuffled around quite a bit. like that or not, it's undeniable the song bops. the very pronounced 80's synth stabs, the mystery, the minor chords, the whispers... and them BOOM! OH OH! YOU MAKE MY WATERS FLOW!


    and that bass taken directly from U-2?? *sohla el waylly voice* what's not to like?

    Glitterizer’s score: 9.50

    @kal (10) “An iconic anthem.”

    @sfmartin (10) “A gigantic behemoth of a track and probably my second favourite on the album. A damn catchy beat leading to a euphoric euro pop chorus that’s impossible not to sing along to. Definitely one of my favourites in her whole discography. Even the sudden ending doesn’t dampen any kind of love I have for this track.”

    @andru (9.75) “Love this! A real show stopping moment on the album, but I marked it down ever so slightly for the odd editing at the end. Depending on the version you listen to it either cuts abruptly - like the instrumentation should lead straight into the next song - or fades out awkwardly.”

    @cleosnatchra (7.5) “Always found this one a bit 'on the nose'”

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  7. Of course the most dramatic pop song in the rate got my 11.
    But is it too pop to connect with many of the voters? I didn't expect the calling for 'Not Human' but at least we made top 10.
  8. kal


    This was the most surprising thing about the whole rate for me as well. The amount of vitriol for such an epic song.
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  9. NOT HUMAN is so bloody fantastic.

  10. [​IMG]


    "if I choose to take you back
    if I stand up for my believing
    can we make up for all the joy we lack
    can we start giving and receiving

    idle talk

    released: april 2012 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: kin


    highest scores:
    11.00 @Ana Raquel @DinahLee @Andy French
    10.00 @Sleet @clowezra @kal @andru @Wild Man.
    @Cutlery @MisterNovem @Future Lover @Kadebostany

    lowest scores:
    7.00 @He @babyblue
    7.50 @askew
    8.00 @BubblegumBoy

    Glitterizer’s score: 9.75

    idle talk is probably one of the most #emotional songs in their discography, it's just a really sweet synth ballad about longing and regrets. this is one that I really wasn't sure was gonna have legs to get to the top 10, as it never seemed to be a fan favorite, but maybe i'm wrong! either way, I'm glad it did, as it's easily my favorite from kin (though we haven't seen the last of this album just yet. it kinda stands out as a bright, very melodic moment in an album that is more defined by buzzing synth patterns and marches and moods. idle talk is almost BLUE-like!

    i don't have much to say about the video other than the fact that i love the color palette, but the hairy-queen covered in bird poop is probably some of the most iconique imagery from this era.

    eatyourself’s score: 8.75

    @kal (10) “this is so good, it was a close contender for my 11. i wonder how difficult it was to shoot the video in that dusty coat though. must have been an experience.”

    @sfmartin (9.5) “euphoric, uplifting synths. definitely a highlight on the album. for what is quite a dark album this is a lovely joyful departure.”

    @andru (10) “a real highlight of kin, and at points i think this includes some of iamamiwhoami's best lyricism too. the way jonna sings the opening line really pulls on my heartstrings!”

    @DinahLee (11) “this is just so delicate.”

    @Ana Raquel (11) “i'm basically here because of this so ddddd this is one of my favorite gems from my #indie era. it was what i liked to listen to the most when i wanted something with feel-good vibes, and nowadays those vibes are stronger than ever. still one of the songs that makes me the happiest (even though the lyrics aren't exactly happy ff)”

  11. imagine being this homophobic in 2022!!!!!!
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  12. this is just fucked up. Saw this and rolled back in bed upset.

  13. [​IMG]


    and together we take back what is ours
    hunting for pearls on the ocean floor
    for us to cherish and adore"

    hunting for pearls

    released: february 2014 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: BLUE


    highest scores:
    11.00 @TéléDex
    10.00 @askew @eatyourself @ArronJustMight @lob0to @Remyky22
    @sfmartin @Glitterizer @clowezra @kal @andru @Andy French

    lowest scores:
    7.00 @AGiantSheep
    8.00 @huntypoo @Sleet

    Glitterizer’s score: 10.00

    hunting for pearls is... one of my favorite synth-pop songs of all time? if someone asked me what i love the most about the genre, this is the song i would probably show them. it's just perfect, and the video... ugh, the imagery matches everything so perfectly.

    the deep and dark mysterious intro and verses with jonna looking at the freezing cold still water, trying to find meaning in it with the dim light somehow reflected back in her face thanks to the magic if production. the HUGE pre-chorus where everything soars and floats in the air for a bit as jonna faces the abyss and the crashing waves below, and then finally THAT explosion of sparkly, vibrant synths perfectly synchronized with her first dive into the water, truly kickstarting the BLUE journey after the intro-like, serene fountain. it's just too good, and i'm heartbroken that it didn't manage to reach our top 5!

    and the lyrics... i love the picture that they paint so much. i've always loved water symbolism and imagery, and these are so beautiful and mysterious. to me, they are about the artist's path to finding inspiration.

    eatyourself’s score: 10.00

    @kal (10) “i always get such a rush when i hear the intro. and an even stronger one when it gets to the first chorus. this is an iconic moment in their discography.”
    @sfmartin (10) “the perfect follow up to fountain. what started the album with a progressively haunting wave, what we have here is a delightful, spritely track, bursting with fun. bright and boundless energy and absolute delight. that pre-chorus is just heavenly.”

    @andru (10) “i love the different shades of light and dark in this song with the intro and verses sounding a lot more brooding than the chorus. the opening scenes of the visual with jonna running through snow covered woods holding a black cube are also some of my favourite from blue.”


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  14. one of these songs will not reach the Top 5.
    can you guess which one?

    ; john
    chasing kites

  15. Was the alternative choice for my 11. Definitely should have been top 5 at least.
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  16. @Glitterizer what a wonderful write-up, one that this track really deserves! So captivating and yes, embodying everything great about synthpop as a genre and Jonna as an artist. Also the music video! That bit you described before the first chorus when she's overlooking the waves before jumping in, and then the chorus exploding and glistening. It was such a rush of everything I loved about music that it made hunting for pearls my favorite Jonna track already upon my first listen. I was shook! It got surpassed later only by one other song, my 11, but it remains an absolute masterpiece and what a proper dive into the album after the soothing sounds of fountain. fountain is such a gentle intro that it might as well have signified something of a more ambient nature, but hunting for pearls then follows as a proper statement piece. Just fantastic on all possible levels!

    goods, it's your time to go! Let's leave that top 5 absolutely flawless (as much as it can be without hunting for pearls (and CRYSTAL)).
  17. given my luck in the past two rounds, probably t or goods ffffff
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  18. kal


    goods is definitely the one least deserving in that list. But I wouldn’t be sad to see y leave too.
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  19. I feel like it's going to be "goods" or "; john", the rest are too big to fall!
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