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Soap spoilers thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Okay, spoilers are GO in this thread since there seem to be a fair few people who want to discuss them.

    The Whitney storyline mentioned in the EE thread is basically: Whitney runs away from home, somehow winds up as a prostitute, Jody Latham from Shameless is meant to be playing her pimp. Connor isn't involved if anyone's wondering.

    I'm sorry but this post is bullshit. Has the actress not had a break already? She's had 2 years of break from that storyline. And in that time all she's done is accumulate shag after shag and descend from being a decent character to an unbearable one.

    I think this could save Whitney as a character and it's totally fitting - a lot of abuse victims lose any sense of what they're worth and turn to either casual sex or prostitution. It's being done with Children In Need apparently so it should be carefully researched too.
  2. Whitney is fucking pointless.
  3. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    A prostitute? Is she Zoe part 2?
  4. Personally I couldn't see Whitney doing that. She has a wild streak in her, she's a little rebellious, but I also think as a character she has strong moral standings.
  5. I remember Zoe's pimp! She used to call Zoe 'sugar!' all the time. I used to drive my parents mad when I was 13 years old doing impressions of her.
  6. Really, I could see her doing it. If Bianca goes into jail, and if she finds out about Connor/Carol, she's not really going to have anywhere to turn.

    As for strong moral standings, she has shoplifted and fenced stolen goods. I'm not saying that alone makes a prostitute, but she's does what she has to in the past.
  7. Any storyline that involves a lot of Whitney screentime is a bad one in my eyes.
  8. SBK


    haha she's become a whiney bitch since Billy died
  9. Perhaps she cn buy some shampoo with her first wage?
  10. She's been annoying for the past two years because when she's given a storyline  it's an annoying one but I refuse to believe she wasn't commendable during the Tony storyline. Since that they've turned her into a scatty bitch, therefore I think this storyline will work with her.
  11. Personally, I like Whitney, I think this will be good for her.
  12. What was the Shirley one?
  13. There've been rumours for a while about a gang rape involving either Janine or Shirley but I think it was just somebody's imagination running away with them.
  14. Janine would probably enjoy that. I wouldn't like that to happen to Shirley, but something does need to happen. Phil and Shirley can't keep going around in circles. She's a good actress, and I've yet to see her in Eastenders as good as she was in Beautiful Thing.
  15. I'm hoping it's just a sick joke on DS, to be honest. There's no way they could do that, surely? There'd be war.
  16. Hopefully it's a joke, indeed...such a storyline seems a bit hardcore and soul-destroying for a weekday evening's viewing. Gritty and issue-tackling is great and all but a story centred around that particular topic would have to be very carefully handled and well-executed, I worry they'd make a total mess of it.
  17. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    It's Whitney, bitch.
  18. A gang rape storyline would be terrible. I don't see how they could make that work in the time slot. It must just be a rumour.
  19. Details of Whitney's new storyline here, another charity backed storyline and it looks like it won't run for very long:

    I think it'll be done well actually. I don't think Comic Relief would allow themselves to be associated with the show after babyswapgate if it was going to be overly sensational or rubbish.
  20. A few minor EE spoilers...

    Kim and Denise open their new B&B later this month in the house next door where Denise was held hostage (!). It's going to be called Kimberley's Palace.

    Roxy hires Tanya as the manager of the salon.

    Yusef and Afia move into the Square when Yusef becomes the new doctor.

    Tamwar and Afia get engaged.

    Denise gets a 'dangerous' new man.
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