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Soap spoilers thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. SBK


    Don't assume we're not going to see Dominic Treadwell Collins force Mick and Jack into a EE:Later storyline.
  2. Unpopular EastEnders opinion but (althought I was devastated when she last left) I wouldn't be too bothered if Janine never came back.

    It feel like her story has been neatly tied up and I've no idea what/who she'd come back for.
  3. Quite impressed that I got this kinda right.

    Perhaps if I predict a Chelsea return I'll be able to speak that into existence too.
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  4. All I ask is that Janine comes back still rich. If ever a soap character should have been a millionaire it is her.
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  5. .
    The last one is interesting, because it really is just a factual statement rather than a riddle.
  6. Many seem to think that Aaron's dad used to abuse him... maybe even sexually abuse him.

    Makes sense.
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  7. This sounds like Digital Spy theorising to me! Maybe this could be Aaron and Chas' new big "never been done before" storyline?
  8. Speaking of which, I wonder if Jay from EE's upcoming big storyline will be the male rape that Digital Spy have been wishing on him for about 5 years! How creepy...
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  9. I love Digital Spy's obsession with male rape.
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  10. Well quite. I don't think it will be sexual abuse but 'just' physical and psychological abuse.
  11. My favourite was when the DS mob were practically baying for Michael Moon to have been raped by Derek Branning.
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    Whilst the whole storyline might have been a stretch, I think this could be quite interesting. If it turns out to be true, I wonder if DTC had planned it all along or whether it was a case of "How can we get Matt Willis back...?".

    Also unsure that they'd trust Matt Willis, a relatively inexperienced actor, with what will undoubtedly be a major role in the Kat and Alfie spin-off. Even if he only turns up for the last half of the final episode, the emotional pay-off of the whole thing would rely on his performance.

    We'll see.
  13. Are Shabnam and Kush going to try and get custody of Stacey's baby?
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  14. That would be quite the storyline.
  15. SBK


    Why would she come back to Walford though? The miserable un-wiped arsehole of London town.

    I reckon thats where its going, after Martin finds out. I kinda hope Shabz gets pregnant though, they said it was almost impossible, not impossible. Give her a miracle. She deserves a happy ending.
  16. Peggy Mitchell will be killed off in the late spring.

    I'm actually gutted about this, Peggy remains to this day one of my favourite characters after nine years of watching. I need to prepare myself for this. I can't have a repeat of when she left in 2010, or of when Pat died.
  17. Fuck that. Peggy and Pat should never have been fucked with. There till the end, like Dot will be.
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