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Soccer Mommy - Color Theory (Feb. 28)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, May 27, 2017.

  1. Oh wow this is fucking good. And it comes at the perfect time cause i've kinda turned into a bit of a stan in the last few months.
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  2. I’m seeing her tomorrow night and I just couldn’t be more excited. Lucy slaps, I’m On Fire has consumed my soul and Your Dog is my most played song of last year.

  3. Lucy is fantastic so i'm looking forward to more!
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  4. Great song! Just got tickets to see her in March!
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  6. This 90s Alt dream! Just when I thought she couldn't top Lucy. This album has officially moved up to my #1 most anticipated album of the year.
  7. I love the cover!
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  8. I feel this on a spiritual level. The taste jumped out!
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  9. At one point she tweeted about making music to dance to at The Bronze and well mission accomplished.
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  10. I reckon this album might be a massive step towards commercial supersuccess for Soccer Mommy. When I heard Circle The Drain, it immediately took me back to the mid-90s explosion in female singer/songwriter talent, the same talent Avril riffed off with her early singles. Lucy, however, suggets Soccer Mommy won't stray too far from the basics of her sound. I'm very excited for this record.
  11. She is doing everything right so far. I'm really pumped for this. The sound and aesthetic is a perfect evolution.
  12. @2014 can we please change the thread title to "Soccer Mommy - Color Theory (Feb. 28)"

    I've had "circle the drain" on repeat since yesterday. I honestly felt like nostalgic butterflies within the first 20 seconds. Definitely need to see her live this year.
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Done! I keep meaning to check her out actually.
  14. @Kuhleezi @Island @Euphoria @Andy French @Mr Blonde, all y'all who turned into little Clairotines last year, specifically.
    This one.

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  15. Oh yes! She's 3-3 for me with this album. Brilliant stuff!
  16. Ok. Wait. I’m actually obsessed with all three songs. Are we about to get The Spirit Room 2019???
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  17. Oh wow.

    Oh WOW.
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