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Sofi de la Torre - ‘Estamos Mal’ (New Single)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Lost Boy, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Y'all sleeping on her incredible new music, and the guy that made her main thread hasn't been seen since 2014. I'm taking this.

    Plus her Twitter game is strong.

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  2. Ooooh, she's good. Not exactly ground-breaking but good soundtrack music for something edgy on HBO, preferably starring Issa Slae and Jonathan Groff.
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  3. Do you need anything else?
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  5. I came across Colorblind Cruising on some random playlist a few years ago and it is an absolute jam. I will check out the more recent stuff.
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  6. $ is my song of the year so far. Sorry, Mabel.
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  7. Check out 'Mess', it's a burst of energy and love. A lot of her other stuff is more laid back and dreamy-sad, which I personally adore.

    Edit: Honestly her songwriting is brilliant and the hooks are SO good.

    All I ever wanted was a man to be true, but that isn't you.

    Such a great little line.
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  8. Sofi is absolutely massive, she NEVER fails. Vermillion remains my favorite song by her, its vibes and beats just kill me everytime I listen to it, can't wait for the album!
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  9. Can't wait for the album. I used to talk with her about Pop. She is amazing.
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  10. It's coming! Free listening party I WANT TO GO SO BAD
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  11. Loving this
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  12. Seriously debating whether I should find somewhere to stay and go to the listening party. She's one of my favourite things out there right now.
  13. So happy right now, I did an interview with her for my site. She is lovely and very humble.
  14. I prefer underground boys. Just to be fair.
    But I'm ok with that lady
    Very much
  15. new song coming next week! she also tweeted she received today her album, it's coming soon!
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  16. $ is amaaaazing.
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  17. I'm really digging into her stuff lately, so count me perched for the album. I still think Vermilion is the best thing she's ever done...but I'm trying to have an open mind and low expectations for upcoming quality music!
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  18. New song 'Views of You' feat. Taylor Bennett is premiering today at 3pm CET
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