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Sofi de la Torre #Popdoneright

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Lost Boy, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. That's what the tweet said but she removed it....

    Excited anyway!
  2. You can hear it here. $ seemed much more massive, but the trendy feature will help this one I suppose.
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  3. I love the new one.

    Views of You > Flex > $

    Gonna be a good album.
  4. I absolutely adore it. The album is going to be a dream.
  5. She knows exactly what she is doing. Views of You is massive.

    It’s not that. I just love writing music. I’ll write stuff that’s less pop and I’ll write stuff that’s more pop because that’s the influence I grew up with. I have a lot of songs that are ‘mainstream’. I just haven’t released them yet because it makes no sense to burn them now. It’s better to hold on to them for when they can be much bigger. It’s about which tracks to release, when and how. With the Mess EP, I just had to find the right moment to release it without having to partner with someone bigger.
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  6. Album is called Another. Not Me. I'm Done. and it's coming on May 19.


    1 $
    2 Views of You (feat. Taylor Bennett)
    3 Old You
    4 Nike Grey
    5 D.G.I.T.
    6 3 is the New 2
    7 Cocktails & Emotions
    8 Flex Your Way Out (feat. Blackbear)
    9 U Can’t Do Easy (demo 001)
  7. I'm excited but only 9 tracks? Aww. Better be all killer.
  8. Obsessed with this.

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  9. I know we're all streamers but Sofi needs the coin support

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  10. Yesterday she went live on Instagram and showed snippets from the album, they all sounded massive, especially 'Old You'
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  11. What's D.G.I.T supposed to stand for?
  12. Don't Get It Twisted?
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  13. Her voice here cuts me.
  14. Anyone go to the listening party?
  15. *choo choos in Spanish*
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  16. DO NOT Illegally download this album or I'll kill you. Stream, buy it in every version, buy the singles. Give her coin.
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  17. The fight is valiant, but in 2017 I think most people will actually stream the album or buy it even if they download it first...especially with this growing trend of "no one getting on with it". Streaming is just so much easier then finding it on the web, I don't know many people who would choose a pirated copy over a legit stream able copy once available.

    She deserves coin though, so yes stream and buy. (but I'm impatient and live in a fast paced world I'm sorry.)
  18. Old You is THE SONG

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