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Sofi de la Torre #Popdoneright

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Lost Boy, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Colourblind Cruisin is a bop.
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  2. I was listening to her again today. She is so underrated.
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  3. New feature. Acoustic vibe:

    Queen of ASMR vocals.
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  4. I love her whispery syrupy vocals. She's not really someone I thought I'd return to a lot but I do. I'm excited for whatever new music she brings out because she really has it.

    Whew we love talent.
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  5. Shes one of my favourite artists of all time.
    I wish she had a bigger music catalogue because i have overplayed everything she has put out.
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  6. Same.
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  8. When is she going to release new music? Because I feel like summer is the perfect time to listen to her stuff, by day (D.G.I.T., Colorblind Cruisin, Nike Grey, Vermillion) and by night (Cocktails & Emotions, 3 Is The New 2...). It’s amazing how fresh a lot of her previous releases still sound, even after an incredible amount of listens.
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  9. I am just patiently waiting... waiting... and waiting.
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  10. She's been strangely inactive since she released her debut last year. Maybe she's planning to relaunch with this new deal?
  11. I'm thirsty for new Sofi today. I guess the last thing we heard was her producer here...

    Her music always treads the perfect line between Summer and Autumn so I'm hopeful it really is soon.
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