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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 2720, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. I'm not sure Dave's health would be equal to a tour. But I hope it will be, and they do.
  2. They're back! And they're another act with a 6+ month wait for a release.

    New album *Happiness Not Included is out spring 2022:


    1. ‘Happy Happy Happy’
    2. ‘Polaroid’
    3. ‘Bruises On My Illusions’
    4. ‘Purple Zone’
    5. ‘Heart Like Chernobyl’
    6. ‘Light Sleepers’
    7. ‘*Happiness Not Included’
    8. ‘Nostalgia Machine’
    9. ‘Nighthawks’
    10. ‘I’m Not A Friend Of God’
    11. ‘Tranquiliser’
    12. ‘New Eden’

    @2014 please could we just change to a general thread?
  3. so excited about this as those three albums are perfection and the Torch 12înch is one if my favourite songs ever .. but the artwork of this is .. not good
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  4. Isn't it taken from Chernobyl?
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  5. I like the artwork, there’s also a yellow version.
    The first new song is coming later this week I think.
  6. It's terrible...there used to an online thing called The Rockstar Game which I got a little hooked on, and my attempts at creating cover art for my band's releases looked very much like this at the start!
  7. I don’t mind the artwork.
    Heart Like Chernobyl however…
  8. Is anyone going to the tour? I wanted to but with the delta variant I opted not to.

    Excited for the 40th Anniversary reissue of NSEC.
  9. I went to the O2 show which was great, plus have seen Marc solo quite a few times. But I’d prefer to hear a bit more from the new album before I decide to go again.
  10. I've got tickets for Manchester as one of my mates is a huge Marc fan. The tour is gonna be NSEC heavy anyway so even if if the new songs aren't great it's gonna be mostly familiar stuff in the main.
  11. This 'performance' isn't really endearing me any more to the song:

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  12. This one’s a bit better:

    It sounds a bit like something from The Art Of Falling Apart, which is no bad thing as that’s my favourite Soft Cell album.
  13. I’m really in love with both these tracks especially the Soviet kitsch and crunchy synths. It’s dark but feels a bit campy. I admittedly haven’t delved too far into Soft Cell’s back catalogue other than a handful of greatest hits and a bit of Marc’s solo material so don’t have a huge amount to compare with.
  14. High drama with a light air of menace - I love it! If this had come first instead of that shower of a track, Chernobyl, I'd be a lot more excited for the album. More of this and less Chernobyl please Soft Cell.
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  15. Did anyone attend any of their recent UK tour dates? I couldn’t bring myself to hand out £70 especially when I’m still not massively comfortable at high capacity gigs. Intrigued to hear how the rest of the new material is sounding though.
  16. I went to the Leeds show. First half was new material and a selection of classic tracks. Second half was Non Stop Erotic Caberet in it's entirity, in order. The love for that album in the room was huge. As it was in album order, Tainted Love was played second in the second half, rather than as the set closer, which made for an interesting change. I think it gave other songs room to breathe. Seedy Films, Sex Dwarf and Say Hello Wave Goodbye then got the biggest responses from the crowd. Marc was in fine voice.

    In terms of new material, Bruises On All My illusions, Happy Happy Happy and Nostalgia Machine went down the best. Videos of all the new songs from the tour are on youtube.

    I hear you regarding being uncomfortable at high capacity gigs, I was too. It was my first time in an audience since pre-lockdown. I wore a mask and a visor to make me feel safer and wasn't as anxious as I would have been without them.
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  17. Thanks for sharing. It sounds great and a really packed setlist. Will check out the performances of the new tracks on YouTube as the wait until February 25th still seems like a massive one.
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  18. What?! They´re touring again? Totally missed this! Somehow I thought that a band like Soft Cell would have meant it, when they said goodbye with the O2 show.
    But whatever...there´s certainly some perverse entertainment in the idea of seeing them doing Sex Dwarf 40 years later.
    Speaking of "40 years later":
    There´s a couple of anniversary remixes for Tainted Love. One is done by Dave himself. His version is very slightly remixed with bits and pieces of Tainted Dub added to it.
    The Jamie Jones 4Z mix is the more interesting version. It was just released on their Youtube-channel. He toys with the song quite a bit and adds some deep, clubby beats. It´s quite effective.

    Dave Ball 2021 Extended Mix

    Jamie Jones 4Z Mix

  19. This is the least instant of the three new tracks for me, but I’m expecting this one to be a grower.
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  20. It all sounds so empty, despite actually having backing singers!
    I just leave this here, to remind us all what the Cell was capable of...and what kind of incredible masterpieces they decided to put on their b-sides:

    I actually have no words for how amazing this song is. The feathery, blippy beat, the lush and seedy atmosphere of a neon drenched metropolis it invokes, the incredible lyrics constantly being on the edge of euphoria and depression...and then they top it all of with another appearance of Cindy Ecstasy.

    And then there´s It´s A Mugs Game, which manages to project a whole teenage comedy-drama directly into your brain in 8 minutes. The music alone is a brilliant, timeless sort of dub-jazz, while Marc´s super funny lyrics sound like he´s singing them to a totally different tune. There really was nothing like them!
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