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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 2720, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Funny I listened to the new song this morning and then straight away put on the Extended Version of 'Torch', which is beyond genius and maybe my favourite 12" ever. I want to love the new songs but find it hard to understand how this can be the same band, and it breaks my heart saying this. I agree 'Insecure me' is perfect too, as is the Bedsitter Extended Version (..put on that new record that you bought the other day, the words will make you smile, you can dance the dust away)..
    Soft Cell saved my life a million times, their first 3 albums are unequalled masterpieces, and as vital, important and trailblazing as Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder..
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  2. The album's been pushed back until May.
  3. I saw that and I assumed it was because of vinyl production.
    But then Marc mentioned something about tweaking some tracks on the album on social media.
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  4. If "tweaking" means re-recording everything, I´d say: take all the time you need!
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  5. The next single from the new album is a collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys.
    Purple Zone will feature vocals from Marc and Neil, this sounds very intriguing.

  6. Please, for the love of all that is unholy, let Marc's vocal on this be recorded by someone competent.
  7. A remix of the track is on Soundcloud. Not filling me with hope!
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  8. Clash of the titans:

    There's also a CD single featuring a b-side:

    1. ‘Purple Zone’ (single version)
    2. ‘Purple Zone’ (Pet Shop Boys extended mix)
    3. ‘Purple Zone’ (Manhattan Clique remix)
    4. ‘The Day The World Turned Day-Glo’
  9. Track 4 is an X Ray Spex cover.
    I’m rather enjoying Purple Zone.
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  10. Not bad!
  11. I also didn’t spot this non-album track that came out last year:

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  12. A band that brought us lines like these:

    "Oh, and you're moaning about your wasted life
    Lying there listening to "Spanish Eyes"
    With the cups on the floor, and the plates in the sink
    And the room full of smoke, and then you full of drink
    Your skins going dry and the colour of sand
    ignore the cigarette burning your hand"

    "That businessman smell found in one-night hotels
    the sheets are unwashed from the stories they tell
    Tabacco and sweat and initials in dust
    The man at the desk throws you looks of disgust
    Soon I'll try hard to lose you
    Drown you in my cappuccino"

    "Change my sex
    Change my hair
    Be hard to find anywhere"

    "Have you ever had the feeling that your life's down the can
    And the hand that holds the whip is not your own
    Your breakfast's going cold and your routine's getting old
    Is it me that's feeling insecure?"

    "Oh god it's another disease
    And you just got rid of the last
    You were beginning to feel OK
    And the friends you gave it to
    Were speaking to you again."

    "Oh well he can't hit you
    You can hit him back
    And play your records so loud
    All the ones that he especially hates
    Deep Purple in Rock, Led Zeppelin II
    Well even you hate those!

    Well on second thoughts
    I think I'll leave home
    And go and live in America
    Because they earn more money there
    And they can get away with murder

    can happily ride into the sunset!
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  13. I’m really loving this. It feels quite historic to have a Soft Cell and PSB collaboration. I’m glad that this is the version going on the album.

    It’s currently on 3/4 for me. The only miss being the title track.
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  14. Much better than the original, especially the extended mix.
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  15. Hey Cellmates and Petheads, for those who are not so keen to spend more time in the Purple Zone I quickly knocked up a cheap, filthy mash-up of Rent and A Man Could Get Lost.
    Of course I first tried to mix up A Man Could Get Lost And Arrested, but those don´t mix well, apart from the title.
    This mix was finished after 4 tries and to me it sounds much better then the "long awaited collab of synth-pop giants". I have also a mix of Rent and Heat (almost) ready and I might put it up asap.
    Here it comes:
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  16. Oh god It's A Mug's Game is on another level.

    But yes, Purple Zone. I like it. Kind of like plugging in Always On My Mind to see if it still works.

  17. Still infatuated with Purple Zone. The Club Mix with the backing chorus takes it to another level for me.
  18. Marc was on BBC Breakfast this week. He is so likeable.

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  19. Marc is co-hosting this week's edition of Now Playing @6Music (featuring a playlist celebrating the legacy of Soft Cell,those they've influenced & the band's current favourites) on BBC Radio 6 Music tonight at 6pm.
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  20. Just listening to the album now as I got my vinyl a week early, I'm quite enjoying it on first listen, there are some questionable lyrics and vocal moments, but the album as a whole works as a cohesive piece, hearing the original version of The Purple Zone it's now obvious the song was completely reworked, which is why it now sounds more like a Pet Shop Boys song, the original is much tamer and more in the style of Soft Cell and the album.
    Edit: New Eden really has me a bit choked up.
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