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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 2720, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. I’m glad it’s a mostly positive listen for you. I’m intrigued to hear the Purple Zone version minus PSB - I’ve listened to the single version so much that I can’t see it really comparing. I still love Bruises On My Illusions and Heart Like Chernobyl - and I enjoyed the Nostalgia Machine on Radio 6. The title track is a bit of a miss for me.
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  2. Nostalgia Machine was pretty instant for me, I'm playing it now, it's currently one of my favourites a long with Happy Happy Happy. Bruises On My Illusions has grown on me a lot recently too.
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  3. I'm so relieved this album is good. The first half is a bit uneven but really picks up from *Happiness Not Included. Nostalgia Machine is outstanding and can't believe they didn't go with that for the lead single. New Eden is also the other immediate standout for me
  4. Yeah I'm enjoying this album so much more than I thought based off the early singles.
    Nostalgia Machine and New Eden are my favourites.
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  5. Their cover of The Day The World Turned Day Glo is also excellent. It sounds like vintage Soft Cell.
  6. Wait, Nighthawks isn’t on the vinyl.
    This album gets better with every listen.
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  7. Okay I’m currently obsessed with the new album and I didn’t even know Cruelty Without Beauty existed, so I’ve just bought the 2020 expanded album on vinyl.
    Thoughts on this album?
  8. I really like it. There's a dip in the middle, but All Out Of Love and Sensation Nation bring it up and On An Up brings it home.

    Have you found Heat: the remixes? Some absolutely lovely retakes on that. Youth (The Memory Band) and Torch (Manhattan Clique) stand out for me
  9. I’ve just listened to Sex Dwarf (Grid Remix) and I’m kind of in love how Dave has minimalised it like he did to to the Lateral Mix on the 2018 RSD remix of Say Hello Wave Goodbye, I’ll get round to this album.
  10. Anyone seen them live? I am on the fence about seeing them during their little Stateside tour.
  11. I´ve seen them live in 84 and it was totally amazing. Marc is/was 100% magic on stage and I´ve seen him numerous times with The Willing Sinneres and La Magia.
    I wish I´d seen their "farewell" show at the O2. I´m not a big fan of nostalgia acts but being in a huge arena surrounded by thousands of gays people, singing along to Say Hello Wave Goodbye would have killed me!
    You should grab the chance to see them, though.
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  12. I was underwhelmed at first, as I thought it sounded more like a solo Marc album than Soft Cell. However songs like Monoculture and On An Up are great. Over the years I've come to appreciate it as an outlier and was pleasantly surprised how much attention it received at the O2 show.

    B-sides Perversity and God-Shaped Hole are better than what made it onto the album.

    But I much prefer their new album to it already.
  13. Yeah I've read the b-sides are better than most of the album, so I'm glad the vinyl includes those tracks. I wonder if the 2020 mixes improve any of the songs. I'm a bit obsessed with the Night at the moment.

    The new album is great, and I'm currently obsessed with Bruises On My Illusions.
  14. The new album charted at #7 which I think is quite impressive.
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  15. Yes that’s really impression considering the physical variants were pretty standard, well deserved.
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  16. It'll be gone completely next week of course (sigh), but at least some people bought it!
  17. *Happiness Not Included charted at #12 in Germany. Their highest position there since 1981.
  18. This is becoming one of my favourite albums so far this year, who knew?
    Hope they tour down under.
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  19. I saw Marc live in late 2019 and it was a really unpleasant experience. He kept forcefully knocking the phones out of audience members' hands and then verbally haranguing them for minutes on end. I was unfortunate enough to be right next to one guy who was getting screamed at. He kept saying "Why are you here? I don't give a fuck what you think!" as the dude tried to apologize.

    I get the annoyance with camera phones, but there was a mean-spiritedness and cruelty that I found really off-putting. You also can't put your hands on anyone. Maybe he was in a bad mood already due to the the poor attendance that night.
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