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Oh my god, I LOVE Molly. Her attitude is everything and

[The fact that her favorite dish is Caesar salad and she has that written on her custom sneakers...] kind of iconic.
ffff why does everyone hate Molly? She's kinda basic but seems like she'd be fun on a night out.

I hate how much I stan Brad. He's EXACLTY the kind of annoying goofy guy I go for.

Andy was actually the one I liked the least of the bunch but this changed my mind:

His inability to stop himself from being a control freak is basically me if I tried to be a chef.
Wait stop, I had no clue that stanning this was an other-than-me thing.
After all of their hit singles, I'm loving their first full Pizza LP (the Gourmet mixtape is a separate entity).
I know everyone is focussing on Molly shade, but I get the feeling they don't really like Priya.
I want Andy to test my kitchen.
And did anyone catch Carla when she was the bartender on Watch What Happens Live!? Queen.
- Carla (she's the boss but continuously screws recipies! has Music as a surname! loves drag-queens!);
- Claire (I think we could be great neurotic friends? and why is she so sick all the time? get vitamin C girl!);
- Chris (love his assured affeminate dad-straightness, such a modern icon);
- Brad (because of! course!);
- the Editing Team, which creates the amazing tone of the videos.

The rest no, thanks.
I could enjoy Andy but he enjoys himself already enough, so...

I have to note that the NO CLUB goes particularly to Adam, the editor in chief - he seems to be such an ISUFFERABLE PERSON to be around, my god.

A tip: don't follow any of them on Instagram. I tried to stan on multiple social medias, but all of them became very cloying very quickly. Their fully-edited, not-real personas on Youtube are just right.

And a side-note: on the contrary, the real-life team of Everyday Food (Sarah, Thomas, Shira, Lindsay & Greg) are the best, especially Sarah which is just amazing. Follow them on IG!
Y'all are suckers if you think BA got shit on the Serious Eats hennies.

I mean...

There's Sohla, Qrispy Queen of Spice

Pastry Wizard and possibly Taylor Swift from a parallel universe, Stella Parks

They epitomize friendship goals.

There's sous-vide apologist, dad bod icon, and the greatest home cook of all time, J. Kenji López-Alt

And most importantly, zaddy and king of my balls, Daniel

But y'all go ahead and keep watching that one insufferable dweeb come up with 64 useless ways to cook a potato.