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Solange - When I Get Home (4th Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. Is there anywhere to watch the film outside of Apple Music?

    I realized today that Way To The Show is it. What a jam. Once it really settles in... whew! An entire vibe.
  2. I’ve heard it in a lot of YouTube videos, I always thought it was stock music ddd
  3. It’s definitely stock music that’s available in iMovie or something.
  4. Are you talking about that sitar sounds? If yes, yes.
  5. I just listened again and I don’t hear it, do you have a particular time stamp in mind?
  6. A “Yoncé video sampling the same source as the outro to Jumanji by Azealia Banks” teas.
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  7. The music playing in the background at around 0:05. It sounds like the music when you’re just on the train or walking around after school but I may just be going crazy.
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  8. You mean this song? I hear a similar jazzy vibe but that’s all dd
  9. Sound of Rain!!!!! A bop. This album nourished me.
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  10. I'm dropping hints that I saw things I imagined

    I saw things I imagined
  11. Agreed. But let’s not give Robert Kelly any more publishing $$$.
    always adored that cover art:
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  12. I don’t think this album is very good on the whole
  13. Number 13 in the UK in the mid-weeks.
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  14. Nn sis! It’s imovie/apple stock music. CommunityChannel on YouTube used to use it all the time (at least that’s where I personally recognized it from).
  15. I can’t remember being this disappointed by an artist that I love so much.
    A Seat At The Table really capitalised on the little nugget of greatness that Solange found with True and she rightfully reaped the rewards.
    Everything was set up perfectly for this to be her moment, yet after three listens I cannot find anything outside of a few cute moments that genuinely makes me want to return to it. Ultimately, she ticks all the buzzwords, aesthetic, mood, vibe etc and whilst it’s certainly not bad music, I don’t for one minute believe this is the best art she could come up with after becoming such an essential and nuanced voice in music.
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  16. I think it reads a lot like a side-project, and or film score (which obviously it is, but there’s a difference between a film score, and an audio-visual album and how the elements stand on their own when sperated).

    There’s a lot of lovely ideas, but it’s briefness along with the moments it’s left so raw, leave me feeling pretty indifferent. She said in her Pitchfork interview that this project was a lot more about the sonics than the narrative and lyrics, but that’s a really disappointing decision to me when she’s shown what a great storyteller she is in the past.
  17. There's some really interesting moments here and I love the funk and jazz inflections and the general mood. However a lot of it just goes in circles over and over before meandering off. I like it but also...don't dddd. I'm on the fence right now.
  18. I want to love this but I'm really struggling with it, and I'm having to face the painful fact that the majority of it just isn't as good as it could have been. For someone who's keen on hammering home her curatorial skills it feels like a weird misstep to make the album seem both insubstantial and wandering, but not even in a purposeful way. The guest artists add nothing of note, either.
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  19. Has it charted yet
  20. The charts aren't announced till Thursday.
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