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Solange - When I Get Home (4th Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. Not gonna lie I struggled to reach the end of this. It might be good background music for when I study/work but as it is, it's a collection of interludes. One thing is to create a mood, a vibe etc, another thing is to repeat the same lines over and over without any kind of progression or variety. I'll give it another try of course, but for now I'm only keeping Binz.
  2. Amen! I’m still waiting, disappointedly, for an LP in the style of the “True - EP”.

    “Losing You” and “Lovers In The Parking Lot” whetted my appetite and I want more!
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  3. Makes total sense that Dev is involved again. His last album is just as formless. Beautiful but not much replay value.
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  4. I put this on while working every day and I keep finding new gems, I've already played this more than A Seat At The Table. It definitely is more of a 'documentary' album or like a 90s rap one, with ideas all over the place and less than a bops R&B release. It'd never work on headphones on a commute or at the gym for example. I say give it time.
  5. I quite like the album. Its not as remarkable as A Seat at the Table but its still a very nice mood piece. Also
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  6. It’s true but as that’s what her album is like ha ha .
  7. The film is breathtaking, by the way. Her visuals are on a level of excellence, creativity and artistry quite unmatched - and it's frustrating watching other artists with triple the budget drop unimaginative, trite visuals.

    Regarding the album; when I'm in the correct mood, it lets you drown in its beautiful sonic landscape, but it's one of those records that demands you to be in a certain state for you to enjoy it, it challenges you to be open to it. Which is cool, but you could also argue that it's quite a self-indulgent record.

    Should music always be accessible? Is it entitled for the listener to demand access to an album's world? Is it a celebration of black culture by a black woman for black people and that's why it's conceptually less open - because it is so specific in its references? It makes for a nice debate, and it's fantastic that an album makes you ask questions. And it's also fantastic when an album is full of bops. There's space for both.
  8. Just got an email, London film screening event at 7pm tomorrow.
  9. Where?
  10. Doesn't say. There's just a button RSVP which opens a new email.
    But presumably somewhere central.
  11. Where can we see the film/visuals ? I feel like it would help me get in to the Album a lot more !
  12. At first I thought this was so scrap bookish, like it had the potential to be epic but it was still 6 months from completion.

    I must admit though I can’t stop listening to it now. It’s really worked it’s way into my head.
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  13. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I don’t have time to read this whole thread, but while many of you complain about the lack of bops, I’ll be listening to Things I Imagined for the 45th time this morning.
  14. "Way to the Show" has been on my mind since the album dropped. What a lush slice of Thundercat funk.
  15. But you can pretty much do that while listening to it once. Ddddd.
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  17. I'm not mad at her delivering a vibe instead of a thesis set to music—not to say that A Seat at the Table is the latter.

    When I Get Home
    is imperfect yet inspired. It's spacey yet full of points to analyze. I fuck with its lack of structure and deviation from standards and expectations.

    It makes for a great late-night listen.
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  18. I think a lot of the disappointment (myself included) is coming from Solange fans so that's really not it
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  19. I'm mostly joking. Though to be honest there were similar reactions after A Seat at the Table dropped, I seem to remember there was a lot of "where are the melodies!!!1" being thrown about. It'll take time for most people I'm sure.
  20. I really want to like this, and hopefully with time I will :)

    I'm just confused because of her early descriptions of the album. I was expecting something completely opposite.
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