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Solange - When I Get Home (4th Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. It's really started to wash over me as an album. I agree with the sentiments that it's a nocturnal album benefitting from solitude and immersion, but I think there's enough substance here that certain songs do still work individually. I think the biggest hurdle was understanding it as a companion and in ways antithesis to A Seat at the Table. That album felt immediately essential upon release, while When I Get Home plays its hand in the title. It's hypothetical and loosely constructed, fragments of memory that seem to pass by as quickly as they appear. I think repeated plays will benefit it for most people, as those moments tend to hinge on familiarity for full impact.

    I also stanned Negro Swan though, so it's fully possible When I Get Home isn't going to ever click with the same audience whose first exposure to Solange was A Seat At the Table. But at the very least, Way to the Show and Almeda are among her best songs yet.
  2. This album had me re-listening to True. She really did that, huh?

    Losing You is still incredible, Some Things with that iconic Dev outro, Locked in Closets being an absolute rush... I could go on but you get it.
  3. True was such an amazing EP which makes me sad that these last two albums really haven’t been that inviting to me.
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  4. This album sounds really good when your driving in the city at night. Listening to Way To The Show on the way to a show was lit.
  5. "When I Get Home" solidifies that no current albums should be longer than 10 songs. I find anything after that begets fillers and useless interludes.

    Songs I'm taking with me home
    1 Things I Imagined (this is mostly due to the Black Twitter meme)
    2 Way To The Show
    3 Stay Flo
    4 Dreams
    5 Almeda
    6 My Skin, My Logo
    7 Binz
    8 Beltway
    9 Sound of Rain
  6. and now my heart knows no delight!
    I bbbbboarded a train, kissed all goodbye
    I boarded a train, kissed all goodbye
    and now my heart knows no delight

    Has been playing in my head daily ddddd.
  7. This has near universal acclaim from reviewers and currently holds a score of 90 on Metacritic. Solange wins again.
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  8. I'm really not surprised the critics are eating this up.
  9. Right? I immediately thought that this is the kind of album that will get critically acclaimed. And it deserves it, no matter how much I prefer "A Seat at the Table" (which I'm currently listening to).

    It's not so easy to understand the meaning of the album, which makes it more interesting and captivating.
  10. Yes mom.
  11. I know she’s not likely to have singles from this album but if she did I hope it’s ‘Stay Flo’ what a bop !
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  12. I can't get over the production on this album, an absolute triumph. Those opening notes on "Down With The Clique" ugh.
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  13. 3Xs


    Long, but really put into words some of my thoughts on the album:

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  14. Half of it felt like one long song to me but the other half I really enjoyed. I still prefer seat at the table
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  15. Do we think the vinyl will remain a webstore exclusive? I'm not sure it's worth the $8 shipping.
  16. She released the visuals for my least favorite song on the album, though.
  17. Nope. Heard it's a wide release. I'm waiting - not paying the shipping.
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  18. 3Xs


    Stay Flo is soooo Aaliyah-ish I'm surprised Tim himself didn't produce it
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