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Solange - When I Get Home (4th Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. I wanna know why is she so effortlessly ICONIQUE? A 1.26 minute video of her in various settings/outfits, casually twerking to a beautifully harmonised interlude? Teach me your ways, MUTHA.
  2. A little late, but I feel I own this record a little summary of my feelings, as A Seat At The Table proved to be one of my favourite records of the decade.

    I had trouble sinking my teeth into this one. I accepted early on that this won't do as much for me as Seat At A Table, but then suddenly it started to unravel. However, then I discovered Little Simz' Grey Area, which has absolutely dominated my Spotify-Account the past few days, and this Solange album was suddenly miles away from me after the initial delight about its release.

    There are WAY too much repetitions of single lines in the first few songs, but apart from the opener, which is even annoying me a bit, I still like them, Down With The Clique and Way To The Show are both having a nice vibe and the album only gets stronger as the record moves forward. It's actually pretty awesome from Almeda onwards. Nevertheless, as someone who's always having issues with "sketchy" songs, I feel this could've been even better if she had fleshed out the Songs more; the melodies are obviously there and the production, as many others have pointed out, is stunning.

    This record well cements her status as a R&B-futurist of our times and as a whole body of work it's a stunning piece of art. Nevertheless, at least for now it's easier for me to admire than love it.
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  3. Binz is criminally short a few minutes or so it would of properly gone off .
  4. The length is perfect, because by the moment it's over, all you need to do, is just click play again to relive that high.
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  5. OK, I’m glad I gave this time. It’s gorgeous, dreamy, hazy. Therapeutic jams. I’d been sleeping on Time (Is) in particular.
  6. Congrats to another top 10 USA album Solange.
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  7. If she doesn't perform this when I see her in May, I'll throw a fit.

    What an immense bawp. The bassline. The beat. GOOD LORDt.
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  8. Reviving this thread from Page 10 of the forum ddddd.

    This is my AOTY for 2019 so far. It’s fully clicked & this a brilliant album. The interludes work perfectly here, whereas on A Seat To The Table I understood their purpose but struggled with the constant thought they interrupted the flow of the music.

    What I love about this album is what others might struggle with (I know I did before I became familiar with the songs): how abstract, ethereal, & airy it is. Everything sounds so loose yet layered, warm yet pensive, focused yet open to interpretation, celebratory yet deeply self-contained & introspective. It’s an album to wind down to - an album that encourages healing, retreat, taking space, relaxing, stretching, breathing. It seems almost as if Borderline from A Seat At The Table was a blueprint for this album.

    The muted beige/peach/gold/brown color scheme represents the sound of the album well - or at least those are the colors I see when I listen to it.

    She really created an otherworldly experience with this one. It takes a while to feel it, but once you do... whew! Sound Of Rain alone is some outerspace shit.
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  9. It's my most played currently:

    Top artists -- Short Term (4 weeks)

    1. Solange
    2. Fleetwood Mac
    3. Christina Aguilera
    4. Ariana Grande
    5. Kehlani
    6. LÉON
    7. Nicholas Britell
    8. Lady Gaga
    9. Billie Eilish
    10. Angèle
    Top tracks -- Short Term (4 weeks)

    1. Solange, Things I Imagined
    2. Solange, Stay Flo
    3. Solange, Down With the Clique
    4. Solange, Way to the Show
    5. Solange, Dreams
    6. Solange, Almeda
    7. Solange, Time (is)
    8. Solange, We Deal With the Freak'n (intermission)
    9. Solange, My Skin My Logo
    10. Solange, Jerrod
    11. Solange, Binz
    12. Solange, Beltway
    13. Solange, Exit Scott (interlude)
    14. Solange, Sound of Rain
    15. Solange, I'm a Witness
    16. Charlotte Perrelli, Diva to Diva
    17. Ariana Grande, bad idea
    18. Sigrid, Mine Right Now
    19. Stevie Nicks, Long Way to Go
    20. Kehlani, Footsteps (feat. Musiq Soulchild)
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  10. @LittleVassyFacts

    Solange Knowles snatches the most played top 15 places for the first time ever, making her the first ever Solange to achieve such an achievement.
  11. It has been confirmed that this is a fact for Spring 2019 (March 1 - May 31st).
  12. “Way to the Show” and “Almeda” are hands-down two of my favorite songs of the year. Both showcase two aspects of her, and I love them both. I love the sultry synth-funk of “Way to the Show,” and I love how the gunshots at the end turn “you can get it” into a threat instead of a come-on.

    I can get lost in the soundscape of “Almeda.” Even Playboi Carti sounds great on that song, and this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan of his. Also, the synths that occur at the end of the song are reminiscent of “Apeshit.” I’ve been playing the two songs back to back. I highly recommend doing that.
  13. Yessss. Almeda is already a 10, but when Playboi Carti jumps in I swear it elevates to an 11. So funky. Definitely going to listen with Apeshit following - sounds perfect.
  14. Ugh, this album is soothing my soul tonight, especially tracks like "Dreams," "Beltway," and "Time (Is)." I've really grown to appreciate how beautiful the latter is. My favorites are ever-changing with this album, and it's looking like "Time (Is)" will become a new one. I love when Sampha creeps in at the end.

    @Euphoria, you didn't lie when you said it's like she took "Borderline" and made it the blueprint for this album. I adore that song, so it's no wonder this album has me transfixed.
  15. I like this! I will admit I've been using it as background music but it's verry nice.
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  16. Yesss, me too! Borderline was (& still is) one of my faves.

    Also echoing your love for Time (Is). Such a special track that got lost in the mix for me on my first few listens.
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  17. We're only three months into the year and I think this will be my album of the year. The soundscapes on this are insane, the production is top notch. It has that ethereal, space like quality to it, the harmonies.. everything, ugh. A little more time and I think it'll out peak A Seat at the Table for me.
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  19. 3Xs


    Ya'll died in here? Let's give some life:

  20. I'm with @superultra on this one: Way to the Show is a career highlight.
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