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Solange - When I Get Home (4th Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. Best of the album
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  2. Was there a video for "Down With The Clique" on Apple Music? If so, that uploaded next please.
  3. This alberm makes so much more sense after lighting up one.
  4. This album’s been really helping with my anxiety ddddd. It’s just so loose & warm & free. It sort of fits well with Robyn’s Honey & even Golden Hour, I would argue, in how exploratory, somewhat wandering, & soothing they all are.
  5. How is the album selling ?
  6. I don't think it's selling all that well, but I don't believe the physical is out anywhere, either.

    Just looked up the US Chart Run: 7 - 54 - 119 - 176. *shrugs*
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  7. Oh dear disappointing. Solange deserves better
  8. Queen of giving us all the visuals.
  9. She canceled Coachella... same day B announces the doc ...
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  10. Oh no. Primavera is shaking.
  11. Did she ever mention a CD release? I want to have it!!
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  12. Yeah, why is she just letting the album die like this. At least release it on 50 formats, sis...
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  13. It was never alive.
  14. True, but.... it deserves better than this. She’s paying it dust. I at least want a cute vinyl or something. Ddddd.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if she drops another album "soon". Endless/Blonde teas.
  16. Didn't she make a whole film out of the album? It also got a vinyl release.
  17. Well, yes. I suppose I don’t have any reason to want more - it’s just a special album to me & I want more people to get into it.
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  18. I’m still playing a lot. Did that.

  19. An absolute dream.
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