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Solange - When I Get Home (4th Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. What a joy to watch. Binz saves the album for me!
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  2. I should have figured that 4 minutes of that performance would be an extended Things I Imagined, but... otherwise, wonderful!

    Only song missing was Way to the Show, which is brilliant live.
  3. This and Blood by Kelsey Lu are my favourite albums of the year. They definitely feel like sister albums if anyone has listened to one but not the other.
  4. 3Xs


    This is STILL one of the finest albums of this year and the way the hype around it seemed to die the week after it was released is a real shame.
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  5. I didn’t think it was a great album , and a let down . It doesn’t compare to the amazing Seat at your table / True.
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    ... I mean if you can watch the above-posted Fallon set and NOT think "wow, that's some of the most sublime musical artistry I've seen all year" then I don't know what to tell you.
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  7. The album isn’t as instant as her first, but once you get into it and it clicks, it’s just as good as the first in my opinion. I love albums like that though, ones that take so many listens to pick apart, shows real depth of the artist. She’s undeniably incredible. Love her.
  8. Y’all do realize A Seat at the Table isn’t her first album, right?
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  9. Maneck is just a really big fan of Solo Star, okay!
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Whew a performer.
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  11. The best of them all without a doubt xxxx
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  12. Hahaha oh god! I always forget about anything before True.
  13. Should I stop hoping for a CD release?
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  14. I just wanted to let you all HEUAX know that Stay Flo was my most played song on Spotify this year.

    Ms Solange Piaget Knowles did that.

    I'm kinda living that she's now re-promoting the album? Remind those publications that this is definitely one of the AOTY.
  15. Nobody's gonna talk about that song at the end when the credits rolled? WE NEED THAT SOLANGE.

    What a way to close out this chapter. This still remains my favorite and most played album of the year. A triumph. I actually listen to it more than A Seat At The Table.
  16. The Follon performance was so brilliant and reignited my interest in this album. Admittedly that faded pretty quickly when the album first dropped but Binz was on heavy rotation all summer.
  17. What a fantastic interview. I kind of wish she did more because her eloquence, her references, her thought process - her inside world is amazing.
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  18. LTG


    Ok but the title track is fire.

    S-O-L-O S-T-A-R that’s how I roll
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