Solid HarmoniE

Did Mariama ever have any solos in Solid Harmonie?

ALSO - I'm just on Wikipedia so forgive me if this is made up - Heavenli from the Honeyz helped write Got 2 Have Ya???
Her vocals are on Got 2 Have ya & Give love on Christmas day.
That's it... (other than 2 demos after the 1st album)

Was she even on any of the Honeyz actual recordings?
Got 2 Have Ya is the only solo she has out of all of the solid harmonie songs which is crazy they didn't at least give her a line or two on the single mixes
She had left before they recorded the album - then came back before the first single was released.
I think her mum was ill or something
She has solos on The Way You Make Me Feel and Definitely Something. She also had a solo line in the LA mix of Won't Take It Lying Down.
Just listened - did they actually allow Naima to sing a line? I thought she was tone-deaf all this time
They still could've found time re-record vocals for the single mixes slid her at least one solo or two during the bridge or something and Naima led Love Is Strange from their unreleased second album

She's no powerhouse but she's not completely terrible and it was serviceable enough for the type of songs they had. Mariama def had more vocals on Honeyz songs then Solid Harmonie, you can actually hear Mariama's bgv on this mix of In The Streets

Yeah it's weird that they re-recorded and re-mixed 'I wanna love you' and gave Elisa a verse, but nothing at all for Mariama. Oh well
The Red 5 mix of I’ll Be There For You doesn’t seem to have any resemblance to the actual track!
This confused me a lot as a kid, this remix was given away on a CD that came with TV Hits in 1998. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to the radio version, and is totally instrumental. I