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Some Mis-teeq questions..

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Mvnl, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Mvnl

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    1. Did the video mix of One Night Stand (half Stargate half Sunship) ever get released in any way?

    2. Is the version of One Night Stand on their US album any different? The video has some different production, but the tracklist just says 'Stargate radio edit'.
    I also seem to recall I once heard a version that had a different rap in it.. or was that for Scandalous?
  2. 1. This is something I'd love too!

    2. "One Night Stand" is a different US mix but only subtly - the beat was remixed to song more like "Scandalous". I'd need to listen to it again, but I also think there is a possibility Alesha may have re-recorded her rap but don't take my word for it. Need to dig out this version from somewhere as I know I have it...

    EDIT: Just double-checked... I've got three versions from the US release of "One Night Stand"; StarGate US Single Mix; StarGate US Radio Edit (same as single mix, blanks out the word 'ass') and Stargate US No Rap Edit (same as single mix, but no rap).
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  3. There is a One Night Stand (Stargate VS Sunship Edit) out there but not sure if it's available anywhere now, at least not legally.
  4. Is that an official mix?
  5. It sounds official, it could just be good quality audio ripped from the video though.
  6. The One Night Stand (Stargate vs Sunship Edit) is on the B With Me single - pretty sure it's the same version as the video.

    I remember the US mix of One Night Stand had a heavier beat going through it and a bit more Alesha MCing but it wasn't much different.
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  7. I did have the Stargate vs.Sunship mix of One Night Stand but I don't anymore. This makes me sad.
  8. I have it.
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  9. Plus, One Night Stand's US Single Mix did not have the funky synth going on in the background! That is its most important redeeming feature.
  10. I've just heard it again (kii) and I still love it. However, I do wish that they included both raps (the best bits) and also I think a better transition would be when they say "breakdown" before the middle 8.

    Fun fact, many years ago I re-created their Brits performance as a studio version. One Night Stand (Stargate)/B With Me (Bump & Flex Mix)/One Night Stand (Sunship). It was on cassette though. WHY isn't their Brits performance on YouTube?
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