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Songs/ albums that are inexplicably geoblocked in the UK online

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. The really weird thing is that you can get the video for Out Of Your Mind on Tidal, but not the song.
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  2. It's just so much, they probably have an intern add an album a week.
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  3. I think it’s more a time cost than monetary.

    Warner seem to have a team of interns who do a lot of this. When I enquired about the Louise albums and Deuce album they slapped them online within six weeks which was rather amazing.

    With Sony, it took them six months to release their Jan Johnston material after I had asked. It seemed the main hold up was waiting to hear back from legal as to whether they still owned it. The email I got back from the head of digital when I enquired about the geoblocked Thunderbugs album (and the mess that is the Kosheen singles back cat - each individual remix is released as a separate release) indicated they were too short staffed to do much.

    Universal took nine months to put their Jan Johnston material up I had asked about. I have no idea if they have interns doing the work or not. I enquired back in Feb about the second Alisha’s Attic album and was told they would look to get it online in “Q3 or 4”. Given it’s already online but blocked I’m guessing that response was to kick me into the long grass.

    Someone at AATW Records (Who deal with Universal) said it can be a long winded process to get tracks online - contracts have to be checked, tracks tagged correctly, royalties directed the right way, remix producers credited properly behind the scenes. I appreciate it may be the case that it takes a lot of time to get stuff online (though not so much for Warner) but as this thread has shown, the hard work has already been done- the albums and singles are already online. The only thing to do is check a contract re: ability to release in the UK and then presumably tick a box in the back end of Spotify etc that says “show in UK”. I don’t get what that’s so difficult.

    I think it’s down to the labels caring or not, and sadly when it comes to pop music of yesteryear, they don’t.
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  4. God, what a bummer!! They're easily top 5 solo Spice singles, and I hate that they lowkey get eliminated from existence through streaming. Guess I'll have to buy the CD singles to import them in my library at some point.
  5. Type Adam Rickitt into Spotify and nothing comes up on the app.

    Yet the album is there for us all to celebrate I Breathe Again!

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  6. Girlicious entire discography.
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  7. Faster Kill Pussycat by Paul Oakenfold & Brittany Murphy isn't on Spotify here, no idea why. It done quite well here.
  8. Sky Ferreira’s Obsession not being on Spotify UK bugs me.
  9. I mentioned this in another thread a while back, it doesn’t seem to be ANYWHERE including iTunes. Never found out why?...
  10. Majority of the stuff mentioned in this thread so far SHOULD be blocked from being inflicted on the world again.
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  11. This one has come up a few times with friends over the years where someones said "didn't Kelly Osbourne release a good song once"? I can't find it anywhere, it's not even on iTunes (and illegally I can only find it at like 24kbps)
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  12. That's odd as it was released after Perfecto were no longer associated with a major label so I don't know why it wouldn't be online. I know all the stuff from their time with Warner still sits with them and all the stuff from when they were with Mushroom (presumably inc Paul's Bunkka album) now sits with Warners but I thought they were independent (though distributed through Armada) as of 2006?
  13. None of De La Soul's material bar Me, Myself & I is available to stream on Spotify UK
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  14. Ridiculous.
  15. Poor Fragma. Though saying that I can't see any sign of the original release being online. Though I can remember one of the main reasons for Toca's Miracle being remixed/ re-released in 2008 was because it wasn't online.

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  16. It's really shocking how much is missing... It seems like streaming is like CD single releases. There for a bit then no longer available for public consumption!
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  17. It's there in the background - looks like some of the songs can still be played?
  18. Was this the original release? (regardless of the cover)

  19. Oh, Union J's second album is gone as well from Spotify and YouTube? Weird as it produced their biggest single.
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