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Songs/ albums that are inexplicably geoblocked in the UK online

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. You are responsible for Deuce and Elbow Beach getting on Spotify? I salute you!
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  2. Naked too.

    It all started with me tracking down who I thought owned Jan Johnston's back cat for her (Sony, Universal and Warner all owning parts) and basically phoning the switch board for each major label and asking "I'm wanting to check if you still own xxx could you put me in touch with someone who could let me know?" and through that I got to know who the people at the labels are to email about back cat stuff being digitised. Though to be honest, Jan's stuff aside, Warner are the only label to have been helpful since. Power to persistence and curiosity!

    This (slightly inaccurately) sums it up:
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  3. Oh, crikey - Lolly's second album, I'd like that please
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  4. Louise's material showing up on USA iTunes was a surprise when I first saw it.
  5. Kelly Osbourne's first album (not that I'd attempt to listen to it. I haven't) got deleted from Spotify and iTunes some time ago.
  6. Charming!
  7. I got a friend to ask Universal (I can't do it all myself!) about that and the first album - they effectively told him to piss off!
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  8. I was looking to bop to S Club Juniors Sundown but their second album isn't available.

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  9. I don't use the streaming services so I get a bit perplexed by people stressing out about songs being missing on Spotify. Can't you just rip the CD/find an MP3? You can add that to playlists too right? Is the only disadvantage that you have to store it on all your devices if you want to be able to listen to it whenever? Is there anything else I'm missing?

    I've iTunes Matched my whole library now so I could go on to Apple Music without fear that I'll lose any of my old stuff. But I'd be a bit concerned about not having a permanent download of anything new I discovered now.

    Once the pop flop songs of the 2010s get taken down from all the download and streaming stores, how are you going to get them back? I don't want to live in a world where it's impossible to listen to Union J's second album.
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  10. I've got it here in the UK
  11. This is why I don't do streaming. I don't want to not be able to access things.
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  12. I'm in the process of migrating to Spotify and that becoming my default music application and more often than not I listen to music when I'm on the go (thus on my phone). My phone can not carry every music file I have and streaming eliminates the problem of my phones hard drive being full of music and having no space for photos/ other data.

    In an ideal world Spotify etc would solve that as I can just stream it and the process (as is the case with gains in technology) is easy - no faffing around ripping stuff or synching files.

    It's clear streaming is the direction the industry has bought into and headed. What frustrates me and, the crux of this thread, is that for some reason the major labels are deliberately with holding music from us. They have uploaded it to Spotify etc, it's all there and ready to go but it is blocked in the country that its intended for and unfortunately there is no-one who is going to hold the labels to account for this.
  13. Are you typing in "S Club Juniors"? or "S Club 8"? It's coming up under the latter here in the UK.
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  14. Can definitely see why it's annoying when something's missing, but I see people go absolutely berserk over it, which I find strange, because it can't be that difficult to find an MP3.

    I suppose Apple and Google have an advantage over Spotify in that you can upload your own songs to your cloud and still stream them.

    I'd definitely be more worried about stuff being removed without warning. I really want to make the switch but I just know that some of the really random stuff is going to disappear in the years to come, and I might not have a way of getting it back. So I'm probably going to cling on to MP3s for as long as I can!

    And I guess in 20 years time I'll be here helping people get songs they've lost back!
  15. I find it difficult now. The days of typing in "name of song mp3" into google and getting something are long gone - its all YouTube MP3 rips and, whilst you're not supposed to, the few times I've asked on here I've had people stroppily tell me to get the CD off Discogs. That's no use, I'm out and about, I want to listen to the song (or to share it on others playlists) now. Not have to wait 4 days for the CD from Discogs to arrive and then find the time to import and then sync onto my phone.
  16. Yes, it is a little trickier than it used to be. I suppose you have to know where to go to find the stuff, which I do.
  17. I remember being utterly disgusted a few months ago to learn that "Amnesia" by Britney Spears wasn't on Spotify.
  18. It used to be available for me on Spotify a few years ago, but Oakenfold took down the entirety of the A Lively Mind album not that long ago. His back catalogue there is an absolute mess. A lot of new stuff by him, including an alternate version of Venus featuring Azealia Banks, popped up on Spotify, but disappeared after a while.

    I'm pretty sure I listened to this album on Spotify more than once. It's unplayable for me right now.

    This would make sense, but the albums @aquaplex mentioned are literally there, already uploaded and fully tagged, yet unavailable. Do we know if these releases are actually playable somewhere?
  19. Cut Copy’s ‘Zonoscope’ album isn’t on Spotify which baffles me!

    Edit: ignore this, it is there!
  20. It is for me.
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