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Songs/ albums unavailable on digital (and getting them online!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Anyone for a bit more Fragma?

    Granted the radio edit has always been on Spotify in the UK (until I pointed out to Universal that their licence had most likely expired... said Positiva release has since come down)

    This is the first time the full single is available worldwide

  2. A few releases today. But first the big one!!

    Though it’s unavailable in most of Europe, Africa and CIS (and Israel) - Dana licenced them to other labels
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  3. Out for the first time!

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  4. Back in June Sony Australia said they would check the rights and EVERY Friday I’ve been checking to see if this is online. Finally!

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  5. Great news!

    CC: @berserkboi @Robsolete @livefrommelbs
  6. Yippeeee!!! No more YouTube only for me!! Now let's get a cut off the album into a Song Contest :D ddd
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  7. Carly's Curiousity EP is not on Spotify.
  8. Billie's single version of 'Girlfriend'
  9. Wow - THAT is a blast from the past!
  10. I went to a pop club night last Friday and they played This Time I Know It’s For Real and it still goes all the way off
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  11. This sounds so lit. I hope they played some Maubops as well.
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  12. Last one (I can see) for today. More AUS pop

    As always, thanks for the requests but please bear in mind that I'm getting about 20 requests a week now and there is only so much I can do and am already trying to juggle chasing/ trying to get released about 100 titles.

    There is also the sheer amount of time it takes to get something online, not least the chasing. Young Divas and Cassie Davis I have been emailing Sony Australia since June last year (possibly before). it sadly really takes that long.
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  13. And another! Aside from Toca’s Miracle that’s pretty much the Fragma backcat online!

  14. It’s a GOOD Friday (sadly UK only)

    This one is problematic... it only seems to be available in the UK and all of a sudden the English version doesn’t show on her page (it’s there). And copying the link and pasting the Hebrew version brings up... the English version on Twitter?!

  15. Not sure how long these have been online, but I really appreciate how RCA/Sony has added SWV’s back catalogue of maxi-singles. For example, they uploaded nearly two hours of Right Here mixes:
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  16. Sorry to ask but going forward if people can make requests here please - sorry I know that's awkward and a bit diva-ish

    The problem is I am now getting over 5 requests a day across various platforms and that number will only rise (personally some can be a bit jabby and impolite too). I'm starting to drown under the volume of requests, let alone have a way of logging them all (i.e. if I get a tag on here/ Twitter when I'm out and about I'm probably gonna forget to log it when back at a PC).

    Also it helps me keep much better track of what people are after and can thus better highlight the most requested to labels. The request box also has a 'state your country' thing which helps for existing digital products that might have regional restrictions which are not always obvious).
  17. I absolutely love this song. One of my top 20 of all time so well happy I’ve managed this! Oddly this release is just Spotify but they are checking into other platforms

  18. I absolutely love this song. One of my top 20 of all time so well happy I’ve managed this! Oddly this release is just Spotify but they are checking into other platforms

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  19. Feel it’s been a bit quiet recently but then the label emails me about this!

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