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Songs/ albums unavailable on digital (and getting them online!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Wow! This brings back memories, memories of going into HMV and buying this from their singles rack, especially as it reminded me of Made In London and that period of time when we were overloaded with potential girl bands (who now looking back) all looked and sounded the same. Great effort, thanks!
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  2. The album to follow??? That would be fantastic as it was never released back in the day.
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  3. You are a saint! I adore these remixes.
  4. That’s what I was told! Thought I was pushing it by asking for the album... maybe not!

    Sadly it’s the end of the line for one release
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  5. Paging @Iggypig!
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  6. I've had the album for years, but so excited to know everyone else can now hear it.

    Envy is the dogs.
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  7. It’s only one three-track single so far, sadly.
  8. I blame Angela Via.

    *checks writing credits*

    Actually, nevermind.
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  9. The remixes are up too.....also, Envy is available on Amazon, but not up on Spotify....yet.
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  10. Indeed it is. On Spotify now, Apple will come (they always seem to be the slowest to add)

    Also unconnected with my efforts (much as I have tried) but Stardust’s Music Sounds Better With You Will finally come to digital on 28 June!

  11. Trying to figure out if the two were connected. I had a friendly contact send a list to the US catalogue team. I know they are working on the top one on that list and this Belinda album was #2 on the list.
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  12. D
    ddd @Hudweiser don’t tell me this was the group you were talking about
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  13. No I’ve not heard of them. Misread as Shed Seven at first.
  14. Thrilled Bump In the Night is online! It’s a shame they didn’t put the full album online but I’ll take any allSTARS they can give me. Thanks Aquaplex!
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  15. It’s a long story... dating back to two months before Halloween 2018
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  16. Every time I check for any progress on Bardot's two albums and they're still on the 'what we tried to get online' page

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  17. Not sure they ever will. Rights are with a TV production company who just ain’t bothered.
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  18. Thanks for all the support people. My big request is that you stream/ download/ share these releases with your “networks”.

    I’m getting around 20 requests a week but a key thing to fulfill them is showing the majors there is demand for this stuff. If the stuff I get online gets 6 streams a month then the majors will stop taking requests. Please have patience too. That allSTARS track took 9 and a half months from the initial request!
  19. Do you have a playlist with all of your successes thus far? I'll gladly follow and stream it to help get those numbers up.
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