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Songs/ albums unavailable on digital (and getting them online!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Has something from every release on it
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  2. Excellent! I’ve followed it now.
  3. We still want them
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  4. I am FUMING

    Rachel Stevens' Some Girls just got removed from my local Spotify yet it appears available in Apple Music. I understand losing licenses for certain songs and albums is a problem I have to face in 2019 as a fan of 00s fads but how is it possible for random streaming services to have certain songs available for them?

    Samantha Mumba's discography is blocked here and it appears Rachel is the new victim. If they block Holly Valance next I am DONE.
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  5. i flagged Rachel Stevens with Universal.


    The full length mixes were always online but the digital single missed the radio edits and they were never licenced to compilations for streaming
  6. A few dance track through ZYX today, the first being the big one

    S Club 7's Sunshine returns

    And whilst not down to my doing (much as I was trying after the re-issue fell off the schedule last year)

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  7. Ooh and this has literally just gone back on

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  8. I posted this a while back in the Kylie thread, but there's an issue with All I See on my local Spotify. I don't know if the problem is for everyone but the edit used for the song is weird LQ edit of the Mims US mix. It starts abruptly and cuts right before his verse starts. They must have confused the files but it's really annoying. Can we get it replaced?
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  9. A few this week

    Annoyingly for some reason (a glitch?), three of the four Sarah Brightman albums are not on Spotify (but all other platforms)
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  10. Robyn!!!!!!!! YES!!!
  11. This also happens on Apple Music
  12. So many great songs here that bring back some really fond memories. Thanks everyone for the the trip down memory lane and thanks @aquaplex for all your efforts.
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  13. Glad it’s appreciated. People might not realise but it really is a slog and frustrating. Either having a long list that we have to drip feed and be patient with with a major label (who in the U have been great and understanding I should add) or seeing 80% of the emails sent to other labels be completely ignored. Suffice to say the 5 month lead time to get something online really is slipping and much longer now.
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  14. @aquaplex

    You have made my day on many occasions with all these tracks. Yes I own most of them on CD but they are in various boxes around various homes and just to be able to listen to some of my favourite tunes as and when is a delight.
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  15. So happy to read about Don't Stop The Music!

    Just requested Alanis' last album, which mysteriously disappeared.
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  16. Thank you so much for all your hard work! You’re incredible.
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  17. Anyone for Kelle?

  18. So having emailed Sarah's people the other week, Timeless, La Luna and Fly are now on Spotify (Europe only I think - at least through these releases)

    Also the CeCe Peniston back cat is now available worldwide
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  19. Even after it was posted here, Diva by Dana International remained blocked in Ireland. I just noticed today that it's finally available.

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  20. September’s first album ‘September’ would be a dream! Especially La La La (Never Give It Up).
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