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Songs/ albums unavailable on digital (and getting them online!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Since Diana's Ross album is the expanded version, I'm hoping they'll replace the other 5 albums from that era with the expanded versions someday! So happy to finally have Let's Go Up in there!
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  2. It being an expanded version was deffo a surprise, when I asked I just thought they would put the standard version up given the expanded version was something Universal US did!
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  3. @aquaplex was this you? I remember requesting it on your website! I’m shocked this was uploaded as it was never officially released!
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  4. I saw this on Apple Music about a week ago and was so shook! Are the writing credits finally available for it?
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  5. Sadly no. Although one of the background singers has commented on my YouTube uploads of the album and answered some questions about who wrote what.
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  6. Wasn’t Hottie originally a Soplush song? Love this upload though.
  7. Bopping to Bopttie.
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  8. Not that I’m aware of? They do feature on the track It Was You, though.
  9. Nope not me!
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  10. I noticed this as well. Hopefully Free Me and Life In Mono will be on Spotify soon.
  11. I really wish Christina Milian's debut would be made available in the US, or at least the AM To PM single that was released here. It's weird having one of her two hits missing.
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  12. Still I'm sure I had version of this track way back when that sounded way different.
  13. I’ve never listened to it. How does it compare to the other teen pop albums of the time?
  14. It’s very good in my opinion, though region specific songs like Your Last Call, You Snooze You Lose and Let Go are absolutely essential for the bop quotient. There are legitimate R&B songs like Get Away and Spending Time but it’s mostly pop. Definitely worth checking out. Got to Have You, When You Look at Me, You Make Me Laugh and the aforementioned bonus tracks are AM to PM level tunes.
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  15. The majority of it is produced by Bloodshy & Avant, so it has kind of that electronic R&B sound that was popular at the time (which I adore). The songs with Ja Rule and Charli Baltimore are more straight R&B and of course there are a few schmaltzy ballads that were obligatory for pop albums at that time.

    I’d say if you like the singles, you’d like the album.
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  16. I'm listening now and it knocks. JLO wishes she could pull off these songs.
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  17. The taste jumped out. I love that early 2000's Bloodshy & Avant sound, it really makes the album sound quite expensive and polished.
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  18. Your Last Call deserved better than Bonus Track status.
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  19. Very much so, same with these:

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  20. This was released in the UK but it's not available at all? It's on the Spotify database, just blocked:
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