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Songs/ albums unavailable on digital (and getting them online!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. There was.

    01. Supervillain
    02. Who's Gonna Love You
    03. Power's Out (feat. Sting)
    04. Puakenikeni (feat. Brick & Lace)
    05. Happily Never After
    06. Baby Love (feat. Will.I.Am)
    07. Save Me from Myself
    08. Physical
    09. Love Like This
    10. Just Say Yes
    11. When You're Falling
    12. Whatever U Like (feat. T.I.)
    13. I Miss U
    14. March
    15. On My Side (feat. Akon)
    16. I Blow (feat. Busta Rhymes)
    17. Get 'Em Ladies - Bonus Track
    18. Feels So Good - Bonus Tracak

    Would be amazing if someone could get that released.
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  2. The club version of Groovejet is on Spotify at least
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  3. I remember Attitude magazine reviewing the album but not revealing the cover or track listing... and then obviously there was no actual release dddd.
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  4. We have the majority of the tracks anyway but I'm really surprised this never leaked. After all, her profile has stayed relatively high since those days. I find the whole 'Her Name Is Nicole' era really interesting. I can't believe they funded a whole album with high profile producers/collaborators and de-rided the Pussycat Doll's success just to not release the album. Something doesn't add up.
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  5. Does anyone know how to make Mandy Moore's album Amanda Leigh appear on Spotify?
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  6. Brick & Lace inna di place
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  7. Producers / collabs only get paid when they get released. That's why stuff gets shelved so much.
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  8. @pop3blow2: time to go chase Mandy to make this happen.
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  9. For real. This would've made my rate playlisting so much easier...(and also let me finally publish a 'proper' best of Mandy playlist to my Spotify!)

    Amanda Leigh was up on Spotify for years, but got pulled down for some 'rights issues', I believe. This was a couple of years ago now... never to return. Maybe when she releases her new album this year they'll get their act together with having her catalog on streaming.
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  10. Get the Vanity and Apolloina 6 albums on Spotify please and thank you.
  11. True but as we've seen with random releases like Rosie Ribbons, Blaque, Fefe Dobson etc. the songs are done and sitting there. For albums that were "submitted to the label" or whatever, let those involved get a few bucks rather than see the work go to waste. It's surprising Amelia Lily's album didn't get put up yet. It really should.
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  12. Excellent!

    Natalie Imbruglia rate, here we come.

  13. A*Teens New Arrival goes worldwide next Friday
  14. And literally emailed the label on this earlier today only for them to reply and say they were already working on it!
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  15. Ever since you announced this a couple of months ago, I have been regularly checking and was so excited to discover you managed to get this online a couple of days ago! The fact I now have Slam is incredible and wanted this as part of my A*Teens playlist for years!

    Now if only you could get Marie Serneholt’s solo album up and online too!
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  16. apols if someone’s already brought this up on a prior page, but can we PLEASE get the Lizzie McGuire movie soundtrack on streaming?
  17. Can you get her second album online please!

    Also, can we get Amiel's Audio Out on streaming worldwide please.
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