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Songs/albums unavailable on digital (and getting them online!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Shame about Step Aside missing from I Am, though.
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  2. “Daylight in Your Eyes” extended mix is a treat I have never heard before! Loving that and the Video Mix of “Feel Good Lies”.

    A shame “One Life” isn’t up but I believe they released that on a different label so hopefully they see these releases do some decent numbers and they make Welcome To The Dance available too.
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  3. Rob


    You are truly doing the lord's work @aquaplex, thank you for your perseverance and helping getting Monrose on streaming! Do you think Welcome to the Dance will ever be made available?
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  4. It's online in Germany through Universal. I've fired my contact there an email asking if they can make it WW.

    One of these days something will go online without having to follow up about missing releases/ stuff only available in one country/ audio error etc!
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  5. Finally having this bop on streaming feels like such a massive achievement.

    Takes me right back to the summer of 2007, working at Forever 21 & blasting this through the store speakers every day on the burned CD I'd make the store play instead of the insufferable mixes sent by corporate.
  6. Someone needs to put Mini Viva on US Spotify. It's time.
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  7. I set up a family plan with my friend from London largely so I could stream them. Had to get a VPN for the account setup and everything!
  8. Funny you should post the video....because surprisingly all the videos from all the bands have been officially uploaded today, too. Such a treat! And I live for all the love the uploads are getting. German stan insta is going wild.
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  9. Please god, yes! It's three songs. Make it happen!
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  10. I still cannot thank you enough @aquaplex for getting Madasun onto Spotify
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  11. A*Teens version of Happy New Year has suddenly appeared on Spotify!

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  12. Yep that one was me. Sorry have got a bit lax on posting here.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    @aquaplex is there a reason Estelle's first album, The 18th Day..., isn't on streaming?
  14. So glad the No Angels and Monrose albums got uploaded for maximum bop potential.
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  15. US girls, we finally got some Alexandra Burke on Spotify

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  16. Say hello to Marvin and Tamara!

    North, South, East, West is also online
  17. Just noticed Jessica Folcker’s albums “Jessica” and “Dino” are finally on Australian streaming.
  18. Yep that was me
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  19. Thanks so much! Been waiting years for this to come online. First time hearing these songs again since 2005.
  20. Both Jessica albums are great, but the debut is like crack to me.
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