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Songs in which popstars say their own name

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by scottdisick94, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. I weirdly get such a rush when the girls do this !!

    Here’s some of my faves:

    Give Me All Your Luvin - Madonna
    4 Minutes - Madonna
    Thank U Next - Ariana
    Gimme More - Britney
    Scream and Shout - Britney
    Boy Problems - Carly
    Bootylicious - Destiny’s Child
    Beautiful Liar - Beyoncé
    Yoncé - Beyoncé
    Judas - Gaga
    Bad Romance - Gaga
    See You Again - Miley
    Hollywood - Marina

    Any other great examples!?
  2. Angels with Dirty Faces - Sugababes
    Gotta Be You (Mutya Version) - Sugababes
    Song 4 Mutya - Mutya Buena
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  3. Namie Amuro - Namie's Style (duh), No and Queen of Hip-Pop
    also Taylor Swift - 22
  4. Charli XCX in many many of her songs
  5. Light Years by Kylie
  6. Ray


    Single-Bilingual by Pet Shop Boys. The thread title doesn't say ladies only (please don't change it now).
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  7. Every Alcazar record?
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  8. (if spelling it out counts)
  9. On top of my head:

    Split Personality - P!nk
    Can't Take Me Home - P!nk
    M!ssundaztood - P!nk
    Catch-22 - P!nk
    Oh My God - P!nk (not necessarily her name, but she says 'pink')
    Disconnected - P!nk (she says 'Alecia Moore')

    My Name Is Rihanna - Rihanna
    Question Existing - Rihanna (she says 'Robyn')
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  10. Candy - Mandy Moore
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  11. everything by Jason Derulo

    also, the Conversation Mix of All I Have To Give by BSB where they each introduce themselves.
    "My name is Kev, and I like the type of girl who can love me for me"
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  12. Wannabe! Initials, anyway. And Just Dance.
    I literally came in here to tag you if this hadn't already been posted.
    Pitbull too if we're counting "Mr. Worldwide."
  13. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

  14. Scream at you including 2 Madonna songs but not Bitch I’m Madonna.

    Taylor - Look What You Made Me Do and Ready For It (‘he can be my jailor, Burton to this Taylor’ is a lyric).
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  16. R27


    Hard- Rihanna
    Fancy- Iggy
    Bloody Mary- Lady Gaga
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  17. Monster - Lady Gaga
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  18. Fergie managed a whole song out of her name:
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  19. Bitch I’m Madonna even has her name in the title.
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