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Songs that have multiple writers attached

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Nov 11, 2020.

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  1. Whilst checking out the lyrics to 'Jenny from the Block' I saw it had no less than 14 songwriters attached!?! Surely it didn't take 14 people to sit and write one song?!

    I wondered what other tracks had many writers attached in this way or is this an anomaly?
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    If I'm right Jenny From The Block has a big sample which explains probably about half of those writers?
  3. It samples three different songs.

    The rappers are also counted as writers and Jenny is just a vanity credit since we know her version is pretty much just the demo with her vocals being mixed with one of the writers a session singer.
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  4. Ah ha. I did think that was crazy. However I have seen more and more artists such as Ariana having lengthy songwriting credits to their tracks.
  5. Everyone wants a piece of the ever-shrinking pie before it vanishes entirely, because you're certainly not going to make a living on a producer's royalty.
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  6. Go read the liner notes for anything with Xenomania involved and lock this thread.
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  7. It's a practice as old as pop music itself, but it's getting ridiculous in recent years. My personal highlight being Rihanna's 11 co-writing credits on Unapologetic which appeared on her website, having been conspicuously absent from the CD artwork.
  8. It is amusing to see the change from "change a word, claim a third" to "the artist was in the room, and they feel they influenced the process" to "Rihanna has better lawyers than you, she demands 50% of the publishing".
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  9. Boom! Shake The Room is one of my favourite examples - 15

    Danny G, Ray Hayden, Robert Easter, Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner, Lee Haggard, Marshall Jones, Keith Mayberry, Ralph Middlebrooks, Walter Morrison, Norman Napier, Andrew Noland, Marvin Pierce, Will Smith, Gregory Webster, Wayne Williams
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  10. Round Round by Sugababes used to get mentioned for the number of writers it has. That started off as 4 different songs though apparently, plus it's xenomania.
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    Why? Is this really anything new?
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