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Songs that stop. And start again.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by JonBcn, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. I’m trying to make a playlist of songs that really get going once you think they’re over. Not sure what the technical term for that is, and I don’t mean half a bar’s pause and then a key change, or ‘And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…’, which is probably a really good example but is a song I don’t ever need to hear again.

    My favourites are probably ‘Breathe Me’ by Sia, and a song I’ve been listening to a lot this year - ‘Rebel Heart’ by First Aid Kit, both of which stop for a second and then blossom into something beautiful. But then there’s also songs like ‘I’ve Been Losing You’ by a-Ha, or ‘Information’ by Eliot Sumner, which are basically groovy outros…

    I bet someone I could come up with at least 20 of these, but now I'm struggling. All good suggestions welcome!

  2. edit - oh, it pays to read the opening post. I thought you meant songs that literally stop and then start again (although, technically, this one doesn't even do that... but the backing music does).
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  3. Little Birdy - Six Months In A leaky boat
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  4. Tove Styrke - On A Level basically goes stop and start around five times during the choruses.
    Sugababes - Favourite Song

    I'm sure others will come to my mind later.
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  5. Does Stone Roses 'I am the resurrection' count? It sounds like it's finished doesn't exactly stop but kind of ends then really gets going. See also Prince's 'Alphabet Street'.
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  6. the obvious answer...

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  7. Mvnl

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  8. I should just stop

    There's nothing you can do or say

  9. Does the first 10 seconds of First Time count?
  10. Kylie - Heartbeat Rock? It’s not a long pause but it’s a pause.
  11. Have Fun Again by Diana Ross from the Diana album. It fades out and then comes back in again.
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