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Songs with mistakes in them (that were left in)?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by spillett, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Whether it was production, sound quality, glitches, background noise...

    I know when I listen to 'Beautiful' by Christina that at times you can hear the sound from her earphones on quieter moments of the song. In 'You Had Me' by Joss Stone there's a moment you can hear her bangles on her arm as she's moving.

    I also find my ears bleed a little during 'Bitch, I'm Madonna' when the "I just wanna have fun tonight" part comes in as it sounds much louder than the rest of the vocal track.

    I found this online:

    She forgets the lyrics to an entire chorus, but ad libs something instead. The album went on to win a grammy.

    There must be lots of this type of stuff right? Any other examples?
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  2. I think it was Hazel Dean’s Whatever I Do that had an accident with a drum loop (if Uncle Pete is remembering correctly) which ended up staying in and led to the SAW sound craved by Dead or Alive & Bananarama.
  3. It’s probably been discussed before but I always felt the start of I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (album version) by Donna Summer sounds like it’s missing an just kinda starts abruptly.....not sure if intentional or not but doesn’t sound quite right to me. Almost like the start got cut in the edit if recorded as an extended version which happened a lot at PWL. I do have to add it’s one of my all time fave albums.
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  4. In Eternals version of i feel the earth move someone’s mobile rings and it was left in
  5. Janet Jackson - Runaway - when she hits a bum note
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  6. I know what you mean but it has always felt very clean to me that I never wondered.
    I always thought Evelyn King's "Love Come Down" always sounded badly chopped off in the beginning.
  7. There's a glitch at 2:14

    The whole album is full of mistakes that were left in though.
  8. Saint Etienne’s ‘You’re In A Bad Way’ keeps a real clunker of a Cracknell bum note towards the end of the track.
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  9. One of Tori's songs 'Highness In The Sky' you can hear the paste of the longer vocal take at the end of the track.

    In the Joni Mitchell suite 'Paprika Plains', the piano key is off for a second.
  10. On Rachel Steven’s “Negotiate With Love” (At 1 Min, 11 Secs), she says “Could you turn down the track a little bit please” (she also does a count in “2, 3, 4”, as the track starts). I’ve always been perplexed as to whether, they were mistakes (or genuinely meant to be part of the song).
  11. There is your answer.
  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Yeah it's not like it was much of an effort to cut it out otherwise.
    Applies to a good amount of the examples here really.. even when someone messed up during recording, keeping those mistakes in on the final product must have been a conscious choice. That or a deaf producer.
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  13. I've always enjoyed Mutya's "Wait, wait, wait...wait I just..." before the second verse of Just Let It Go. No sure if it's intentional but it always stuck out to me.
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  14. It's really minor but in the Telephone demos, there's a second round of "k-kinda busy"s before the first chorus; in the final version they cut them out, but they also lost the S of "Stop calling" so it just says "Top calling, stop calling".
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  15. One I just recently discovered:
    The Mamas & The Papas "Creeque Alley" had a mono single mix, along with mono and stereo album versions. The stereo album version is the one used on most compilations and reissues. The original single mix had them sing "California dreamin' is becoming a reality" and then the "becoming a reality" line is sung again. In the stereo album version, the repeated line is taken out, but you can hear the last syllable of reality at 3:34 in the stereo version.

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  16. All the mistakes above bar the Alien glitch:
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  17. The first one that sprang to mind was R.E.M and Michael Stipe stifling a laugh in The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight after the Dr Seuss line.
    Also on Bananarama’s Viva album Keren’s phone goes off, I’ve forgotten which track it was though.
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  18. Was Brian Harvey coming in early with "don't you know" on Stay Another Day a mistake?

    And Lauryn Hill's spoken "I know what we gotta do" in the first verse of Ex-Factor should have gone with the second verse after she sings that line, surely?
  19. I actually took my copy back to Our Price as I was convinced I'd gotten a defected copy!
  20. Britney’s Ooh Ooh Baby, you can see that they looped the intro when compared to the demo version but you can hear a tiny bit of the vocal after the laugh before the loop comes in:

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