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Songs with mistakes in them (that were left in)?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by spillett, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. The best part of this story is the fact they spent A WEEK mixing the song with obsessive attention to detail - and then the snare drum disappears after the middle 8!
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  2. Scream
  3. Most of the examples mentioned in this thread:
  4. Ohmygawd what a laugh I just let out!
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  5. Songs with mistakes in them (that were left in) [but probably aren't really mistakes]?
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  6. crying. still crying
  7. I'm sure Madeline would consider it a mistake.

  8. There’s a weird moment toward the end of Natalia Kills’ Wonderland where one of the repeated “I believe in you and me”s has a random Melodyne fuckup and is totally off-key. It’s confused me for years, because it’s not on the demo - which is basically the same as the final version apart from that. It’s so jarring I’m surprised nobody caught it!
  9. The intro of Kate Bush's Among Angels... It's a cute mistake though
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  10. On Gabrielle's "Show Me What You Got", the vocals on the 2nd bridge - which are a repeat from the 1st bridge - have either a filter on them or less high end EQ. This makes them sound a bit muddy, and then they suddenly get bright again for the 2nd chorus. I'm pretty sure that's an actual mistake by the producer.
  11. Two songs where there seems to be a switch in what the vocalist is trying to say.

    Diana Ross - When You Tell Me That You Love Me. After the guitar solo after the middle 8, when the chorus comes in it sounds like Diana was wanting to sing "I become a hero" before realising the words are "Every time you touch me..." and thus it all sounds a bit "I-ah-very time you touch me, I become a hero...."

    Saturdays - Up. On the bridge before the second chorus it sounds like they were thinking the line was "State your decision" before singing "Make your decision" and thus it just sounds all "Sssmake your decision, are you on or off the line"
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  12. One of the t.A.T.u. girls hits a really sour note during th the chorus after the middle 8 in Cosmos (Outer Space)...
    The demos for the Russian version of that same song featured an English middle 8; they actually made a big deal about t when they first started recording the second album and said there would be a lot more mixing of languages moving forward (which never happened again after Stars)...
    When they finally released the Russian album, there was no middle 8 on Cosmos, English or Russian...
    It's super jarring to just hear nothing after such a noisy chorus and I like to think they used the wrong edit of the song by accident and Universal Russia didn't actually listen to the album before releasing it...
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  13. Can we start a side thread where they made a mistake in the music video?
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  14. Melanie C - Better Alone
    The line 'I know i really should thank you' instead of thank you, she sounds like she's singing 'shank you' it's always irritated me.

    The pop mix available on the Better Alone single CD has the correct 'thank you'.
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  15. Keisha's ghost haunts 4.0's version at 2:17 when they've not been able to delete her NO! ad-lib properly.

  16. Also sounds like “shag you”!!
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  17. She always has the best little mistakes. I love the one from Manchester in 79 before 'Fullhouse' when she starts too soon on the piano... "oh facking 'ell".
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  18. I adore Kylie’s ‘My Secret Heart’ but even 9 year old me was bugged by two separate mistakes in the middle 8; one production, one lyrical.

    “And felt your heart was beating next to mine” sounds like she’s singing “next to mines” (in order to rhyme with “times”) - there’s a definite ‘s’ sound after she sings that last word.

    Secondly, the line “Even though it’s just a lie, there are no tears in my eyes” doesn’t make sense in the context of a song where she’s telling us about her imaginary lover she’s created. I’d have thought the line would work better thematically as “Even though it’s just a lie, there are STILL tears in my eyes” - to emphasise how real it seems to her. As it’s presented it just sounds dumb.

    So glad to get that off my chest after almost 30 years.
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  19. "My life is brilliant"
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  20. I've always thought I can hear Keisha on Little Miss Perfect on the last "So why do I feel so alone?"
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