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Songs with mistakes in them (that were left in)?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by spillett, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Bless you for braving My Secret Heart more than once. A true fan.
  2. Add to that ‘oh that’s where it ends’ on Suffer For Love and ‘kick it up the butt’ on Love in Stereo (which I know is a demo but I like to feel they would, of course, have left it in).
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  3. Since this thread has kind of morphed into "misheard lyrics" territory.

    Stunning song, but in the chorus I hear "he makes me feel sweaty...". Every time. Which kind of takes you out of the emotion of the song!
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  4. It always bugged me that the lyrics for the title track on this album say "Enjoy Yourself" and yet she seems to say "enjoy it" .. i always wondered if they had released a reworking of the track.. wonder if there was a demo.
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  5. Always think the same about "Soul Destruction" by T'Pau .. it seems to miss a beat or something right at the start. Always thought it was a weird first track for the third album
  6. Alisha's Attic go out of time on "Push It All Aside" and "That Other Girl's Been Hanging Around" and it is left in. Both from "The House We Built" which is by far their finest hour. Always thought it was a shame it didn't do better.
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  7. YES! I'm glad it's not just me!!
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  8. The second pre-chorus of 'Oxygen' by the Spice Girls, Victoria's part "It doesn't really matter..." is overdubbed with Emma's vocal for literally half a second. It's surely not intentional, as it's so clipped.
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  9. The vocal at 0:45 is obviously two different recordings put together.
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  10. Oh and @spillett what point can you hear the bangles in You Had Me? I've never noticed that, and still didn't when I played the song to try and hear them.
  11. I was going to post something about this! To me it always sounded like Victoria interrupted so Emma stopped.

    A friend’s copy of Belle & Sebastian’s The Boy With The Arab Strap cut off the first two opening words of It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career. My copy starts with “He had a stroke at the age of 24” whereas hers was just “A stroke at the age of 24”. A pressing mistake rather than a recording mistake, but she was pissed off at not having those two words.
  12. Although I appreciate that the whole track centres around glitchy production, I do believe there's a mistake a few seconds or so from the end of 'SexyBack'.

    Described somewhat technically, the time signature of the track remains 4/4 throughout, but just before the end, there's a bizarre bar of 2/4, which doesn't sound intentional at all. Basically, to the ear, the production loop that repeats every bar (within the chorus and final section of outro) essentially 'restarts' halfway through a bar, making it sound like a false start.

    This all sounds a bit wordy - listen closely for yourself. The track is fading out by this point, but it's not difficult to make out if you turn the volume up.

    The above link doesn't give you any run in from where I've linked you in, so you may want to take it back a few seconds to get the fuller picture.
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  13. I never understood this 4/4 business. Is there something that explains with maybe audio examples of each? Wiki didn't help much the couple of times I read it in the past.
  14. 4/4 is a time signature, which basically dictates an abstract grid of time that music meshes to. It's the skeleton of any song, or piece of music, really.

    Put very simply, the vast majority of popular songs are written in 4/4. Getting into what the 'fraction' (so to speak) means is a bit more complicated, but it essentially means four even 'beats' to a bar. The first beat of every bar is usually the most emphatic beat, and gives a sense of propulsion to a song - it sounds like it does a 'soft reset' every four beats, and quite often, the production, musicality, and phrasing of a song will reflect this. Using 'I Will Survive' as an example, each of the bold words below should be sung on every '1' beat, and throughout a fair amount of the song, the chord will change on the '1' beat too.

    1 2 3 4 | 1 2 3 4 | 1 2 3 4 | 1 2 3 4 |
    I, I will sur-
    VIVE ohhh as
    LONG as I know how to love I
    KNOW I'll stay a-live, I've got...

    You see how you can easily sing along to this song whilst clicking your fingers in groups of four? You can basically do that with the majority of popular music - albeit at different tempos.

    That's a very simplistic way of looking at it, but it's enough to get a vague understanding of what it at least sounds like. Send me a PM if you want to know more!
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  15. Rumour has it SAW were working against the clock to finish the album so titles were thought of and printed on the sleeve before tracks were fully finished or recorded. It may explain the original pressings having the track list in a different order too......
  16. I find this endearing, as when he sings "I need something more sub-stub-sub-substantial."

    The piano CLUNG at 2:45 here has annoyed me since I was about 7:

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  17. oh wow! you're right... I remember the track order being different from the first time i got it on cassette!!
  18. Oh God yeah... we had it on cassette and the only location where the correct order was printed was on side 2 of the tape.
  19. The single remix of Shocked has this cut/paste edit flub at 1:19, listen to the snare hit.

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  20. A lot of SAW tracks have that though...

    Mel & Kim immediately come to mind. What a shambles of a single edit.
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