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Songs with mistakes in them (that were left in)?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by spillett, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Wasn’t it actually to do with the fact that when Wouldn’t Change A Thing didn’t perform as expected they didn’t want to lead the album with it and shuffled the track listing accordingly?!?!
  2. Mariah's Dreamlover has loads of annoying pops in it that I only just noticed recently. Thought it was either my sub-woofer or the MP3, but it isn't.
  3. The "Oh that's where it ends innit" is from Wonderful, not Suffer For Love.
  4. If you listen to 'Sad But True' by En Vogue it sounds as if Cindy's ad-libs got switched between two choruses.

    While one chorus is saying "it's not love no more" she is adlibbing "it won't work no more" and on the other chorus it's "it won't work no more" but she is adlibbing "it's not love no more".
  5. Florence + The Machine's "Cosmic Love" has a faint squeaky sound at around 3:23-3:24.
    "I'm always in this twilight *squeak* in the shadow of your heart".

    It also appears in the music video (around 2:59-3:00). Either it was meant to be there or they never bothered fixing it, but I can't imagine why they would want it on the song.
  6. Oh how could I forget the ‘innit’!
  7. How could you forget the song! Haha, I love the "That's where it ends innit?", I thought it would be cut from the demo when they mastered it but they kept it in thank God.
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  8. I know, I know! Bad stan.
    Yes, I agree - there’s a similar thing in one of the MKS demos (‘kick it up the butt’?) but I forget which one - bad stan again!
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  9. I’ve just seen that I already said that in my original post.
    brb just off to turn my brain on
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  10. Sonia's 'End of the World' has a click in it during the opening line: "Why does the (click) sun go on shining". It's even in the audio used for the video, and was not corrected for the 2010 re-issue of the 'Everybody Knows' album.

  11. Maybe I'm just hearing things, but the last line of the chorus to me has always sounded like Kylie is singing "shocks by the power". I assume she isn't, and it's meant to be shocked.
  12. Bruce Springsteen's "The Wrestler" has a weird little skip near the beginning. I tried to find a perfect studio version so many times before giving up and going with a live bootleg version.
  13. The new Samantha Fox single has a glitch in the word "intentions" around 1.44 into the song, can't believe it wasn't noticed. Still love the song though.
  14. Am I the only one who’s noticed these errors? Or is my hearing just bad?
  15. There are duff keys hit on the keyboards during the instrumental breaks of That's The Way It Is Mel & Kim and Hand Held In Black And White by Dollar (deep piano note). Also the Fire And Brimstone Mix of Venus has a scratch at the beginning which I assumed was a vinyl pressing fault but it was on the master so must have been digital feedback or something.
  16. Only vaguely tenuously attached to the thread but i remember Simon Climie saying about Break The Silence, that he had fun with lyrics occasionally. The line was,

    Mystery masking the candle as it flickers,
    Why dont you let me into your....secrets.

    The correct word rhymes, snigger.
  17. That is a bit bizarre. I think it's possibly a comp'd vocal from a take where she did sing "Baby... I become..." and they preferred her vocal of the word "baby" on the incorrect line over the correct take and then tried to combine the two for the final vocal track.

    The general public is still largely ignorant that vocal comping is a thing, they've been sold the idea that the US power-vocalists nail it perfect first time for so long that the producer and mixer likely thought they'd get away with it.

  18. "When am I supposed to breathe then?"
    "BEFORE, breathe BEFORE!"
  19. The finale to The Human League's One Man in My Heart mixes up the two halves of the chorus. The previous choruses all go:

    One man in my heart
    One man in my head
    (La la la, ooh la la la)
    One man in my home
    One man in my bed
    (La la la, ooh la la la)

    But at the end it suddenly becomes:

    One man in my home
    One man in my bed
    One man in my heart
    One man in my head

    I assumed it was a (really annoying) intentional choice, but the ad-libs actually match up to the real chorus, and Susan sings it the same way throughout in this performance:

  20. @londonrain Can you confirm or am I crazy?
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