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songs you had no idea were cover versions.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cowboystyle, May 25, 2014.

  1. I'm pretty sure I didn't hear the Blue Zone "original" (yes, I know it's not actually the original) in 1989, but when I first heard this, I thought it sounded familiar/I 'knew' it was a cover. Maybe it just sounds '80s'.

    There was also this less-successful version out at the same time.

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  2. Was surprised to learn Hazell Dean was not the original singer of Harmony (she did it a lot better)

    Also, given that Regina cowrote it I assumed she was the original artist of Baby Love but it was first released by Dutch group The Star Sisters.

  3. Where has this been all my life? The intro is like Bananarama’s Rough Justice.
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  4. That Baby Love is incredible.
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  5. And another one I just discovered this week is that Vixen's Cryin' was a cover. In fact they covered 3 more tracks originally done by this guy Jeff Paris on their debut album.

  6. I navigate and sometimes contribute to this site and I'm surprised to learn how a lot of songs I assumed were originals were covers:
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  7. I was shook when I discovered that "Don't Turn Around" from Ace Of Base was a cover of a Tina Turner b-side.
  8. I was genuinely shocked to learn Cher's One by One was a cover. Took over 20 years to learn this.
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  9. Who did it originally?
  10. From the mid 70's.
  11. One and One, the hit for Robert Miles with Maria Nayler, was originally recorded by Edyta Gorniak for her English language debut album. Seems that the release got delayed however, so this version, in a much more traditional pop / rock / flamenco style seems to have gone nowhere when it finally got sent out.

    It's a fun version to a great song regardless!

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  12. Edyta's first English language album contained a track that would become a #1 hit for Ms. McCutcheon

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  13. I had no idea Yazz's The only way is up was a cover version until earlier this year

  14. I knew all four from this page.
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    Merged threads together, @Vasilios

    Carry on.
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    Kylie's Turn it Into Love is a Hazell Dean cover.

    Geri's B-Side Very Slowly is a cover of this:
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  17. I'm fairly certain it's the other way round?
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  18. I just found out tonight that Anita Baker's You Bring Me Joy is a cover by the song's songwriter, David Lasley.
  19. I’m pretty sure that 80% of the “new” music they play at my gym are covers of 80s and 90s hits.

    While I’m here I only just found out that Laura Branigans Self Control was a cover.
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