Sonia Stein - One Of Those Things/Lotta U


I saw her live in 2017 and she was pretty great (I might still have the setlist somewhere) but since then, it's been really frustrating attempting to follow her. Her label/management has been insisting on the same exhausting strategy of 3-4 singles spaced months apart, followed by an EP with just one or two new songs. I'd pretty much given up on her when on the 2020 EP See Me Now she inexplicably included a song from her 2014 EP, seemingly intact, Radar-style.


What brought on this rant in a thread no one's going to look at? Her new single just appeared in my Release Radar and it reeks of desperation: name-dropping and lifting the synth from Toto's Africa?

Since 2014 she's released 6 EPs, no album, and I thought maybe she was content on keeping it all low key. But this mess doesn't quite fit with that theory, it just seems like her label / management want her to have A Moment but this is not it. I don't know, it's just sad to see potential wasted like this.