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#soon! Part Deux - The Girl Band Signature Songs Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. I really loved the whole breakthrough vs signature song concept!

    Can't we just apply this concept on a rate with all of our favorite female legends?
  2. Presenting results across both parts!

    Part Un!

    Part Deux!

    What a journey!​

    Looking back - this rate and Part Un were quite an undertaking, and upon review not one I was fully prepared for! Part Un had challenges around researching the history of said act we eliminated as we went along, and Part Deux's main challenge was to try and do these Signature tracks the justice they deserved. Having extra songs to rate and beefing the numbers up from 60 songs to 76 songs made it very challenging for me to maintain the level of detail I wanted for each post, which can be seen in me losing steam when eliminating a few tracks. The voter turn out was about equal between the two rates (my hustling for voters to show up in Part Deux especially was exhausting but we got there!), we lost some and gained some along the way. All of you made it an incredible experience for sure though I am very unlikely to take on a rate on this magnitude with so many songs again solo, just for the amount of work that goes into it (tried to apply some maths to the time spent here - average 1 hour per write-up + 30 minutes for PJ Formatting x 136 elimination posts total = 204 hours across both parts of the rate! That's just over 5 weeks as a full time job (and not including the spreadsheet, commentary sorting etc)! Crazy stuff, but so worth it when you get an appreciative audience like you all have been. I am very glad we went along this trip down memory lane and were able to honour a few classics along the way (unfortunately other classics suffered, but that's Popular Vote for you!)

    Special thanks to you all for participating, whether it was only in the first or second part! Special thanks to all who made it across the two - I know a few of you were not really into the result of one rate, but you should be into how it panned out in the other one anyway as we did really well in showcasing some diversity at the top! The Ronettes and All Saints coming out on top is PopJustice to me, and although neither got my 11 - I can honestly say their winning track was in my Top 5 of each part. The great symmetry it provides to have a 60s track winning Part Un while a 90s act with a 00s track winning Part Deux is quite serendipitous!

    Special thanks for our resident grump @Baby Clyde for always ensuring I had my facts right when talking about bands I was not too familiar with. @kermit_the_frog was also a great commentator along the way, giving us context and history lessons which I massively appreciated!

    My back-up hosts @londonrain and @Mina from Part Un were fantastic, as was @DominoDancing for his help with the SPOTIFY Playlist for this part of the rate (and many supportive comments along the way). Let's also not forget all of you who sent plenty of commentary along the way, and commented with each elimination - the thread count wouldn't be this high without your participation! Even if you weren't tagged on this post, don't think I don't love your Filippa, PopTarts, Hazey, Dunn Something, Riiii, Remorque, Ace, Tyler ways (among many others)!!

    Thank you for giving me the floor, and I'll send those spreadsheets to @WowWowWowWow shortly so we can have some more stats around voters once he works his magic (or explains to me how to do it! LOL)

    Love to all!

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  3. Excellent work @berserkboi I really appreciate the amount of work and effort you've put into each entry, the countdown has been a joy to follow!
  4. It was my pleasure!

    The dedication. I almost wish @RainOnFire would quote this in the rate queue thread under the expectations for running a rate, as a way to help people understand what a commitment hosting can be when it's done really well!
  5. I have something up my sleeve which I shall be discussing with @berserkboi very #soon.
  6. Please @ me when the time is there!!
  7. I may not have loved all the results in this rate but @berserkboi always kept me entertained! You're an amazing rate host and I've had so much fun reading along!!
  8. I am...intrigued!
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  9. You know, I am gonna say something I never thought I'd say...but Las Ketchup were underrated in Part Deux. I hate that Ketchup Song from the first rate with all my heart. But they really were.
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  10. Oooooooh! Let's all share our unpopular opinions!

    (I thought the Pointer Sisters, Love Unlimited and Bananarama songs in Part Un were severely underrated)

    (As you know, I thought PCD and Danity Kane were overrated in Part Deux)
  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Great idea, I've just done this. I am just so completely OVER people ditching their rates halfway through ddd so whatever gets it through people's heads that running rates isn't an easy task works for me. Thank you for doing a great job @berserkboi!
  12. I'll just echo the thoughts of others - the amount of love and effort you've put into this rate is staggering @berserkboi! Truly inspirational <3
  13. Thank you so much for bboth parts of this rate @berserkboi. You put in tons of work and it's all appreciated.

    As for the amount of hours put into it, I'm here to say I'm not surprised. Even my Vanessa Carlton rate ended up in the 100+ hour timeframe even though there were only 65 songs and the reveal posts were smaller (each song only took me like a half an hour) but add in all the terrible graphics I made, entering scores/sorting commentary and researching for quotes from Vanessa, time added up quickly. It's a labor of love. I think what happens a lot of times is someone is excited about the idea of setting up a rate with a songlist, taking in scores and watching the spreadsheet change with each ballot. Then when the time comes to post the reveals they realize how much work is involved and quickly tap-out. Honestly, the most important thing is the results. Literally just post the song with its average, high/low scorers and paste in the comments. You don't have to research for trivia about the song/quotes from an artist/personal write-ups/comment on the commentary. Just post it in, it doesn't have to be fancy. It never used to be, the 'pomp and circumstance' of rate reveals evolved over the years where rate hosts at one point were all trying to do out-do each other with glittery graphics and poetic write-ups. Not everyone has the same abilities when it comes to this. Not all of us have the mental makeup to add that all in. I certainly don't. I try to make my reveals as 'sticking to the facts' as it gets and repeat the same structured and small reveal post where it's easy for me to replicate it, without having to put so much time into it. People just want the results, what else you do is completely up the host and the capabilities. The voters appreciate results more than anything else.
  14. I ran the numbers for Part II with only the scores of people who voted in Part I. The results (with changes in parentheses) were:

    #1 - All Saints - Pure Shores (=)
    #2 - TLC - No Scrubs (=)
    #3 - En Vogue - Don't Let Go (Love) (=)
    #4 - The Supremes - You Can't Hurry Love (+1)
    #5 - Mis-Teeq - Scandalous (+3)
    #6 - Sugababes - Push The Button (=)
    #7 - TLC - Waterfalls (-3)
    #8 - The Supremes - Stop! In The Name Of Love (-1)
    #9 - MKS - Flatline (=)
    #10 - Destiny's Child - Say My Name (+2)

    In last place... #76 - Sweet Sensation - If Wishes Came True (-2)

    The biggest changes in results of Part II when counting only the votes of people who voted in both parts:
    t.A.T.u. - Not Gonna Get Us (56 overall, 69 only both rounds voters / -13)
    The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons (38 overall, 49 o.b.r.v. / -11)
    Mary Jane Girls - In My House (51 overall, 41 o.b.r.v. / +10)
    Martha & The Vandellas - Jimmy Mack (55 overall, 46 o.b.r.v. / +9)
    Mel & Kim - Respectable (30 overall, 21 o.b.r.v. / +9)

    But wait, you say... what about all the people who voted in Part I, but not in Part II? What if their scores were dismissed? Here is the top 10 for Part I if you only included the scores of people who voted in both Parts (with changes in parentheses):

    #1 - The Ronettes - Be My Baby (=)
    #2 - Sugababes - Overload (=)
    #3 - Spice Girls - Wannabe (+1)
    #4 - The Bangles - Manic Monday (+2)
    #5 - Girls Aloud - Sound Of The Underground (-2)
    #6 - Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (+2)
    #7 - The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow (-2)
    #8 - The Emotions - Best Of My Love (-1)
    #9 - Salt 'n' Pepa - Push It (+1)
    #10 - t.A.T.u. - Al The Things She Said (-1)

    In last place... #60 - Klymaxx - I Miss You (-2)

    The biggest changes in the results of Part I when counting only the votes of people who voted in both parts:
    Dixie Chicks - Goodbye Earl (38 overall, 48 only both rounds voters) / -10)
    The Saturdays - If This Is Love (14 overall, 23 o.b.r.v. / -9)
    Love Unlimited - Walkin' In The Rain With The One I Love (47 overall, 40 o.b.r.v. / +7)
    The Exciters - Tell Him (21 overall, 14 o.b.r.v. / +7)

    So there were a few switcheroos, but fortunately, those of us who came late to the party (or left it early) ultimately didn't change the winner of each part. Phew!

    PS: Funny story, I didn't even do this analysis for my recent UK #2's of the 2000's rate, mostly because I was nervous Samantha Mumba wouldn't still have triumphed........
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  15. Thanks for all this behind the scenes info. As someone doing a rate later this year (Mandy Moore, y'all!) I'm taking notes from the ones I'm participating in, following, & even looking back at completed rates. Info like this, though, is super helpful.
  16. After Mandy Moore, if you find out you enjoy running a rate, it'd be cool to see the Vanessa stan pick up the Michelle Branch discography rate we just found out the original host backed out of when it was still in queue.
  17. That is fascinating!! Thank you so much for doing that! Love Unlimited were indeed underrated in Part Un based on that - what a gorgeous song that was, and PCD were overrated in Part Deux, my unpopular opinions weren't so unpopular afterall!!

    @WowWowWowWow - this is too good! I foresee a transatlantic marriage proposal in your future! ;) xx
  18. There were some interesting results. There were some appalling results and shocking displays of people having no taste. But this has been great fun and very entertaining the whole way, so thank you @berserkboi for doing such a great job and putting so much time into it.
  19. Thank you so much for running this rate @berserkboi!
    It was bery special and very inclusive.
    I know from the acts I love that there is so much more to them. So for the rest of the women here I'm sure there's more gems.

    For your final final thought hostie do you have any feedback on the videography of the songs mentioned in these rates? Namely my winner 'Push The Button'.
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