#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate


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This would have been the half list for the 2010s:
Since this rate is restricted to acts who have had at least one top 20 hit in the UK, US and Australia (with twelve bands per decade) the list for the 2010s would be Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Haim, G.R.L., Icona Pop, Stooshe, Girls Can't Catch, Parade, Neon Jungle and... who else? I can’t think of three more bands to finish the list, and several of the nine I listed never managed a second top 20 hit.

Compare that with the sheer number of girl bands who got excluded from the nineties and noughties lists due to lack of space.
Say Lou Lou wouldn’t be eligible because of the lack of a Top 20 single.

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Yes, yes and yes!

If you can't decide for The Supremes song. Just go for Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart or Come See About Me ;)