#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Are there any websites where I can find sales data? Otherwise - I'd have to be fair and go for certifications if we are using popularity/sales as signature...
If This Is Love ( 115,000 [January 2012] )
Up ( 352,480 [August 2014] )
Issues ( 274,000 [March 2017] (not including streams) )
Just Can't Get Enough ( 284,472 [March 2013] )
Work ( 101,000 [January 2012] )

Forever Is Over ( 183,211 [March 2013] )
Ego ( +400,000 [March 2018] )

Missing You ( 215,000 [January 2012] )
Higher ( +400,000 [November, 2017] )

Notorious ( 200,000 [June 2015] )
All Fired Up ( 273,000 [September 2017] )
My Heart Takes Over ( 54,699 [July 2012] )

30 Days ( 77,632 [July 2012] )
What About Us ( +470,000 [September 2017] )
Gentleman ( 53,300 [August 2013] )
Disco Love ( 173,367 [September 2017] )
Not Giving Up ( 30,059 [May 2014] )

Up is probably close to 400k by now.
Issues probably is at 300k with streams included.
I'm gonna guess Just Can't Get Enough must be slightly above 300k by now as well.

Surprising 'Forever Is Over' has yet to pass the Silver certification. It shouldn't be that far off in 2018 surely, with streams and all?

I'm not sure if the numbers for All Fired Up included streams or not. Seems a bit low considering they had already sold 200k of it by July 2013.

You could tell the public was here for 'Disco Love' but it really didn't get the same airplay as their other singles did. Shame.
@berserkboi - I still think The Saturdays should be represented by a solo effort in this rate, so I'd be more inclined to say Up or All Fired Up. All Fired Up is usually their highest rated song in any rate they're are involved in which I think is an element that should hold water when discussing a group's 'signature' song. Like why Pure Shores should represent All Saints for example.

This is just my two cents though, I'm not trying to say it has to be this way or not.
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Not Ready to Make Nice is in the rate, so no other 2000s song has a chance anyways.

Maybe this is controversial, but do acts like TATU and Las Ketchup really need to feature again? They had their signature song in the original rate and if they don’t have a good defining second song (because they were one hit wonders in most of the world) we shouldn’t be forced to rate them again. Just a thought.

Maybe this is controversial, but do acts like TATU and Las Ketchup really need to feature again?


There is no good reason for One Hit Wonders whose signature song has already been used to feature again. We's be much better of including more than one song by acts with multiple signature songs or throwing in a few oddities like Flatline to make things more interesting.