#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Finally finished this up and my word some of these 70's songs are boooooorrriiiiiing. And I felt badly scoring some of the amazing ladies of the 60's and 80's so poorly, but really bar 2 or 3 from the 90's and 2000's onwards, the majority of these acts are not represented by their best material. In fact, many are by their worst.
@tylerc904 - One song is missing scores from you, lease read my PM :)

Some good news for voters, it is a long weekend due to Labour Day in Melbourne so as I am not going to work til Tuesday, you have a few more hours to vote as I will only close voting Tuesday morning my time instead of Monday night!


I'm just listening to the songs again right now and then I'll send it.
What time is Tuesday morning Melbourne time? Basically I'm only two-thirds of the way through listening and won't have enough time to finish tomorrow, so would have to send in either a shoddy partial set of votes (shudder) or send in late.
Where are you located in the world?


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Wish we had a 10s section too, though thinking of it made me realize how little girl groups there have been since 2010.

At best I'd come up with a 5-act 'half list' like:
- Little Mix
- Fifth Harmony
- Icona Pop
- G.R.L.
- From Above

Even including flops like Vanquish and BeachGirl5 getting to 10 seems like a challenge for this decade so far.


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This is the point I was making a couple of pages ago.

Since this rate is restricted to acts who have had at least one top 20 hit in the UK, US and Australia (with twelve bands per decade) the list for the 2010s would be Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Haim, G.R.L., Icona Pop, Stooshe, Girls Can't Catch, Parade, Neon Jungle and... who else? I can’t think of three more bands to finish the list, and several of the nine I listed never managed a second top 20 hit.

Compare that with the sheer number of girl bands who got excluded from the nineties and noughties lists due to lack of space.