#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

In the titan battle of Soratami and Filippa, who will win round 1?

Will it be a draw or a thorough beat up?

I guess Filippa will say to Soratami in a high pitched voice as she finishes him:

You're History!


# 57

Pointer Sisters – Yes We Can Can
Average Score: 5.804
Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@soratami)
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (@Filippa)​

Okay, this one actually hurts! Shame on you all causing an early exit for an iconic act like The Pointer Sisters! This was almost a 10 for me (I gave it a 9.8) and to see it barely ever take off as every high score was countered with a low one – I came to realise the heights of #42 it reached at one point were not going to be sustained for long.

Yes You Can Can is indeed our first truly divisive number as its performance attests to. I can understand that considering it has a really funky sound (which, say what you will about PopJustice being a place we come to to experience different sounds, is always one genre that performs poorly in any song contest we have here) and a bit of a jittered instrumental. This to me adds to the grit and newness of not just the song’s message (in a sea of love songs, one promoting respect and equality for all was refreshing) but what makes The Pointer Sisters’ sonic identity so undeniable. Anita's lead vocal has a lot of depth and power to it, giving this earworm quite the impact. Also, find other numbers by The Pointer Sisters and you will find this signature grit is on every song and truly makes their sound individual and unique whatever genre they are attempting.

Yes We Can Can is a funk classic and was originally recorded by Lee Dorsey. The Pointer Sisters’ version was recorded as a demo to try and get a record deal. It made it on to their first album, and is one of these early eras true ‘debut’ as the breakthrough came with the first album. Anita Pointer takes lead (as aforementioned) and the background vocals are handled by all members through a slow build of vocal textures, which results in quite the finale.

Initially when this rate was just an idea – The Pointer Sisters were definitely a band I thought of including and that they would form part of the 80s list due to their most famous cuts, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find this track from the 70s and appreciate how they developed their sound over time.

Their most famous numbers are of course I’m So Excited & Jump (For My Love), the latter of which is covered by another band we will discuss shortly. This might be where you recognise the name Pointer Sisters from. They are a massively diverse and decorated band exploring genres like disco, jazz, funk, and even country music (even winning a Grammy for Best Country Vocals in 1975!) among many others, so please do check out their extensive discography. Heck, try and convince [B]@Baby Clyde[/B] to run a Pointer Sisters discography rate!

The girls are also one of the most interesting groups we are rating as a look at their Wikipedia page shows just how many members they have had over the years, and how long each tenure was. Of course, the inclusion of Bonnie Pointer could have its own extensive post too!

What did you all have to say?

Think we live in an enlightened age? Unnameable (8) has some pointers for you! – doing inspirational lyrics decades ahead of other. Ufint (5.5) makes an obscure but sounds like Will & Grace or Drag Race reference - I like the Pointer Sisters, in or out of their Andrew Christian underwear. This song however sounds like some generic album track, and surprisingly enough not totally unlike the early stuff from Spice Girls or All Saints. – is that so? Iheartshadytart is back! Iheartpoptarts (3)- I had no idea they were a thing before the 80s. I can see why they peaked later!

Guilt is catching up to DominoDancing (4) - I don't feel to great about giving this a low score, but it doesn't build at all on the nice groove. It's just long and repetitive and boring. Baby Clyde (6) is getting frustrated with my rate - One of my all time favourite bands represented by this dirge! Londonrain isn’t so funky (2.5) - A groove in search of a chorus.

Empty Shoebox (7) is being fair and respecting – the pointer sisters did that! - I don't have anything against long records, but this one just doesn't seem to go anywhere. There's a solid message in the lyrics, but after we've got to the first chorus, it feels like the rest of the song doesn't have anything to give. I gave it points for being a funk record, if not a particularly notable one.

Trouble In Paradise (8.25) finds as much to love as I do! - I love the groove they have going, the harmonies are wonderful, but the song is definitely a tad too long. The rate villain Filippa (0) returns but the connection may not be all that - I usually like The Pointer Sisters but I don’t find any access to this song.

Spillett (4) is being a shaft snorer - (I fell asleep) ComeOnGloria (4) wishes they’d get to the point - Too much buggering about. Just sing a tune!

Kermit_The_Frog (7) is coming through with the love and recommendations - I’ve never been aware of their work pre-80s so this was a nice surprise. Another act that I need to investigate further… Further Listening: Automatic & we finish with Zar-Unity (7) being all technical - Like the funky beat, and the inspiring lyrics. Tech: 5 Taste: 2 = 7 points

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Yeah that one hurts but I knew my faves where gonna do poorly when I heard what they were represented by. Once again please listen to their other stuff! "He's so Shy" is one of m ultimate favorite songs!!
I am thinking of running a Part 2 to this rate - where we nominate a more iconic song by the bands presented to see how they would go with a different number. Will check if @RainOnFire whether that can just be done once I finish part 1 or if it needs to be in the queue again...

EDIT - This is a go! More details soon!
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Oh I'm so sorry @soratami, I understand that one can give 10 points to this. It has something very artistic. But I simply got a headache whenever I tried to listen to it. I could not once listen to the full song ...

I guess Filippa will say to Soratami in a high pitched voice ....
You're History!

Ouch the shade! I really don't like this special passage and you know that :-).