#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Soratami gets small revenge as Filippa trips over that Empty Shoebox she threw out earlier....


Bananarama – It Ain’t What You Do
Average Score: 5.951
Highest Score: 10 x 3 (@unnameable, @Remorque, @Filippa)
Lowest Score: 1 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)​

And here we have another elimination I disagree with! #Divisive is back in full force with this one. It Ain’t What You Do was a rate discovery for me and I was very taken aback that Pop Goddesses Bananarama actually debuted with such a jazzy number! I think possibly a lot of voters felt the same way, expecting something poptastic and that may have led to this being a bit of a letdown, explaining the many low scores thrown its way.

It Ain’t What You Do is yet another cover that we have featured on the rate (and they are falling like flies hmmmmmm). It was first recorded in 1939 by Jazz legends (including Ella Fitzgerald), and the Fun Boy Three feat Bananarama version we are rating today was ‘transformed into a pop song with ska elements’. Some commented that they do not necessarily see this as Bananarama’s true debut since it is a feature but we have many features here + this song achieved substantial success and really put the girls on the map so to me that is more than enough to qualify. Also, what a legacy is it to be a pure pop act and start your career with such a unique and interesting record? Legends only!

This being a PopJustice forum, I probably don’t have to profile Bananarama too much since their career embodies everything this forum looks for in a pop act, and you could all probably teach me a few things yourselves (Wikipedia is also everyone’s friend for more info) Let’s just say this tidbit is mighty impressive – ‘Their success on both pop and dance charts has earned them a listing in the Guinness World Records as the all-female group with the most chart entries in the world!’ Spice Girls found dead under a mattress in a den!

Now I know if the likes of Rumour or Venus were being rated, there’d fare a lot better here as that would be the sound we associate with the girls, but I really think this number was just (if not more deserving) of reaching the top 20 on catching your attention, and uniqueness alone. I feel for the Pointer Sisters & Bananarama falling victims to #BopJustice when their repertoire contains so much more. Let’s see who else will have a tough time as we keep rating…

What did the voters have to add to this?

Zar-Unity (4) This is sure a oddball of a pop song. Tech: 3 Taste: 1 = 4 points. Oddball in a good way Zar so please double that score! Kermit_The_Frog (8) For a standard cover version my score may seem generous. However, it has been inflated by Bananarama’s general “can’t be arsed” attitude, to be maintained for the rest of their career, and Terry Hall being at “peak crush” form. Which has effectively turned me into a Smash Hits-loving 9 year-old from the 80s. Further Listening: Cruel Summer. Tell’em sis!

ComeOnGloria (6.8) - Love Bananarama but this is my least favourite song. Ah ha, here it is! Spillett (7) - (not my favourite Banana song) What the what? Who cast Filippa (10) in the non-villain role? - I love that this song is here. This is Britpop at its best – for me.

Trouble In Paradise (3) This feels like the soundtrack to a bad fever dream. Can we trade fever dreams, please? Empty Shoebox (1) is the inanimate object of dooooooommmmm!! - I have never liked this song. At all. Never liked the Fun Boy Three actually. I like Bananarama, but not this song. Maybe I've heard it too many times, but I just find it really boring. Baby Clyde (5) is getting debut frustrations again - (What a shambles. This easily could have been dropped for 'Really Saying Something'). DominoDancing (4.5) gives an interesting analysis - Pretty bad "breakthrough" for one of the seminal 80s girl groups. Sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box. The Macarena similarities are cute the first time you hear it.

Iheartpoptarts (2) is having an amplified Danity Kane moment - Easily one of the worst cases of act I love with song I don’t! Unnameable (10) finally gives out a ten after coming close a few times – amazing use of a jazz classic. Let’s end with DJHazey (2) not being particularly self-aware-ish - I always roll my eyes at the "sounds like a nursery rhyme to my ears" shade against my teen-pop favorites but this sounds like a bad nursery rhyme and I can't deal.​

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That is a surprise elimination. Not because I particularly like the song, but because just like @DJHazey I was under the impression that this was a beloved PopJustice/UK pop fan favourite. I mean we all know that Bananarama would offer some absolute bangers later on. I guess it's a good indication for the rest of the rate that later successes aren't too much of an influence.

On an unrelated note, I've just listened to There's No Other (Like My Baby) in a slightly drunk state and have to say that even the pretty good score I've given it is not good enough.
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How come most of you don't like this song? I'm really taken by surprise! Maybe you should have listened more often to it 'cause it's definitely a grower ...

I'm sad that it has to leave so early, could have gotten my 11 points ...
Next elimination coming SOON

What are the guesses for it?

Are the 60s losing their first number or is another era taking another cut?

Will @soratami get his Poisoned wish? Will @unnameable and @Baby Clyde conjure up some devil ketchup and sink Las? Will @londonrain's 'plenty others like him' disposition see The Crystals' demise? Or is @Mina overseeing everything and has another cut in mind?

Only a couple of hours til it is all revealed...
Will @soratami get his Poisoned wish? Will @unnameable and @Baby Clyde conjure up some devil ketchup and sink Las? Will @londonrain's 'plenty others like him' disposition see The Crystals' demise? Or is @Mina overseeing everything and has another cut in mind?

Only a couple of hours til it is all revealed...

I just know the answer to all those questions is "no!" and the eliminated song will be something else entirely hehe.