#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

Next elimination coming SOON

What are the guesses for it?

Are the 60s losing their first number or is another era taking another cut?

Will @soratami get his Poisoned wish? Will @unnameable and @Baby Clyde conjure up some devil ketchup and sink Las? Will @londonrain's 'plenty others like him' disposition see The Crystals' demise? Or is @Mina overseeing everything and has another cut in mind?

Only a couple of hours til it is all revealed...
With any luck, it will be one of my remaining zeroes.
Of course, it won't.
Is this your way of saying you disown my song list?? Shade kitty is back I see...

Shade kitty?

Nah, I'm just clarifying to everyone that I'm not the secret puppetmaster behind any of these eliminations.

(The puppetmaster is clearly @soratami.)

Clearly @Filippa is the one running this rate for the most part.

Well well well, this is quite the villainous duo we have forming now....

Looks like our bitter, acidic LondonRain wanted to rain on The Crystals parade indeed and with Filippa back in fighting shape - this is what happens!

Trouble In Paradise

Goodbye first 60s song!


The Crystals – There’s No Other (Like My Baby)

Average Score: 6.078
Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@Trouble in Paradise)
Lowest Score: 0 x 2 (@londonrain, @Filippa)​

And the painful cuts continue! I am so heartbroken you all decided to keep going with eliminating my scores over 9 (this was a 9.3 from me)! The 60s list was one of so many wonderful songs, and There’s No Other Like My Baby is a shining example of this. Before the age of autotune took over pop music – you had this gorgeous doo-wop sound with real voices harmonising wonderfully, and despite the crackling and beautiful imperfections to the voices – how heartfelt is that longing in Barbara Alston’s lead vocal? Not failing her are the wonderful backup vocals from the other girls, ensuring that searing desperation in the lyric is punctuated perfectly.

This sound is very angelic and since rumour has it it is derived from the gospel number “There’s No Other Like My Jesus”, that isn’t too surprising. Unfortunately this reveals nothing of this song being tied with so much controversy! Songwriter Phil Spector (keep this name in mind as we go further into the rate) released the song for his newly founded label Phillies Records not The Crystals’ then record label Liberty Records which resulted in the band not getting payment for the recording of the song. They eventually moved to Phillies Records but their business relationship was never truly perfect.

A few more problems arose, including others recording under The Crystals’ name due to the band being based in New York and not getting to LA fast enough for Spector’s recording needs. Truly, read their Wikipedia page, it is quite an eye opener in the age we think the MKS drama is bad!

A little background on The Crystals – they were based in New York and were considered one of the defining girl groups of the early 60s. They had a few chart hits from 1961-1964, some of which were listed on Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.

Let’s see what PopJustice thinks of this decorated act and number:

Unnameable (6) musters a - not bad. Ufint (6) Starts out so lovely, and the verses are pretty good, but those harmonies just sound muddy and doesn’t really elevate the song. I disagree and so do the following listeners!

Iheartpoptarts (8.5) I love that style of 60s song that sounds like ‘Tears On My Pillow’ by Kylie. Apparently that’s called doo-wop according to the internet. I am learning things. Happy this rate is making you enjoy homework :) DominoDancing (8) - Love this for its yearning chorus and the great harmonies. I am fully behind team #DominoPoptarts!

Londonrain (0) needs a bionic ear - This plodding chorus... yikes. Empty Shoebox (3) joins the party - Too slow, I'm finding nothing memorable in the arrangement and the lyrics do nothing for me. Filippa (0) completes the tasteless trio - Could have been good when listened to in the 60s but didn’t stand the test of the time. Frankly, I don’t like it.

Trouble In Paradise (10) finds his voice in paradise - I’m afraid this song won’t do well cause it’s not a bop, but there’s some real grit and emotion to both the lyrics and delivery. The song really captures that sense of finding the one and knowing he’s the one you’re supposed to spend your life with.

Saviodxl (4.2) has some explaining to do - I can imagine ABBA performing this song. But given it's The Crystals, that's the score they deserve. ComeOnGloria (5) is somewhere in between - Bit dirgy. Kermit_The_Frog (8) does more alluding to controversy - I adore The Crystals (especially the game of “guess who’s singing this one” that pre-dated Black Box by 40 years) Further Listening: He’s A Rebel. We finish with Zar being Zar - Zar-Unity (5) - Hmm, this one is too slow for me. Tech: 4 Taste:1 = 5 points​

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