#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

It's bout to be on...
It's bout to be on...


(I may or may not have recorded a cover of this with a friend of mine back in the day)
So, has anyone come to challenge Filippa's rate villain spot or is she getting rid of her 5th(?) out of 9(?) zeroes before we get through the first 10 cuts?

You guessed it folks!

The rate villain has all the strength of a final boss!



The Angels – Til

Average Score: 6.227
Highest Score: 10 x 2 (@Trouble in Paradise, @Sprockrooster)
Lowest Score: 1 x 0 (@Filippa)​

It looks like @ohnostalgia’s prediction of losing 60s songs in batches wasn’t far off the truth after all! We lose yet another 60s act with The Angels (not to be mistaken with the Australian rock band of the same name and gave me a fright when compiling girl bands). Although this is a sad cut to see happen so soon, I am not as attached to this as I was There’s No Other.

Til has all the charms and devotion I have come to expect and love from the 60s list but I didn’t connect as strongly to it as far as the 'Girl Band' impact goes? The lead vocals are handled singularly, without much harmonising from the other members except from minor punctuation and humming in the background, rendering the whole thing a little lifeless on the sonic front. Where it scores highly though is in that gorgeous instrumental, never fighting the lingering desperation and devotion in Barbara Allbut Brown’s heartfelt vocal but just supporting the storytelling that happens in the forefront while progressing to give it weight and layers.

Til is yet again another cover from the list and it appears PopJusticers are not fans! It was derived from the French song ‘Prieres sans espoir’ (translation ‘Hopeless Prayers’ adding yet another layer of gospel inspiration with a few of the early 60s numbers we have here + in general) and details the amount of desperate devotion a lover is happy to go to to be with their loved one. Til has been covered as a bit of a standard number by everyone and their father over the years, including Tony Bennett and Tom Jones; and in a few different languages also so if the tune sounded familiar - don’t be too surprised!

Let’s cover The Angels a little bit as well! If we were rating these bands on signature songs, the number we would obviously use for The Angels would be My Boyfriend’s Back (and iheartpoptarts would give it an 11). My Boyfriend’s Back is a fun boppy number that would have done a lot better here, I am sure and overall suits the vocals of this band to a T as it allows them to display what makes them great! The uptempo nature of the track allows everyone to have fun and does not rely on drawn out notes that test their abilities.

The Angels started their career as The Starlets and the minor success they achieved in hometown New Jersey allowed them to do some back-up work on other acts' songs. As their career wasn’t going anywhere, the sisters decided to focus on their education until producer Gerry Granahan (who previously rejected the band) saw potential in a studio version of Til. They had some success for a few years until they had to change their name to The Halos over a dispute on the ownership of the name ‘The Angels’ – once again, MKS who? Legacy wise – they were inducted in the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame in 2005! Great work on that front too!

Popjustice – you have the floor! :-

Unnameable (7) keeps it short and sweet – pleasant enough. Iheartpoptarts (6) ponders the deep questions - Was it common in the 60s to debut with a ballad? Oh, I don’t know. They’re prettier than modern-day ballads, anyway. Yes indeed, gimme this over The Hardest Part any day! DominoDancing (8) is enjoying being in touch with his inner drama queen - This gets more and more melodramatic as it goes on, and I enjoy every second of it.

Baby Clyde (5) speaks the truth! (My Boyfriends Back would have been a 10) Empty Shoebox (3) forewarns you about his upcoming scores - These early sixties sounds and styles just aren't for me. I feel very bad for tasteful Trouble In Paradise (10) losing 10s in succession - The backing vocals on this song are angelic (had to do it). I love the yearning in the lead vocals, she really sells the song. The strings do a good job of amping the drama as the song continues on and the ending is divine.

Filippa (0) continues her reign of terror - Another typical 60ies song. But today so boring … No not really mine. Spillett (9) feels if deep inside - (stunning, puts the hairs up on the back of your neck) while ComeOnGloria (5) judges from a safe distance - not a fan. Kermit_The_Frog (3) - I was unaware of The Angels before this rate and I’m not sure that I’ll be investigating further… As per Baby Clyde also, give My Boyfriend’s Back a try! Zar-Unity (8.5) finally hands out a generous score! - Beautiful voices and lovely arrangement. Tech: 5 Taste: 3 +.5 = 8.5 points