#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate


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If you’re going to pick any modern artist as comparison, it’s clearly Lana Del Rey.
I don't listen to Lana Del Rey, so...

So, what is this divisive track we are saying goodbye to today?



Silver Convention – Fly Robin Fly
Average Score: 6.324
Highest Score: 10 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @soratami)
Lowest Score: 2 x 3 (@iheartpoptarts, @Baby Clyde, @ComeOnGloria)​

Well well well, if this isn’t quite the number we are losing today! This was a properly divisive track – bouncing around the leader board (ranging between #22 - #56) with every set of scores we had coming its way. Fly Robin Fly is indeed *THE* track with the most divisive feedback, whether it is about the instrumental or the lyrics.

Let’s talk about the great achievements of the track first. Fly Robin Fly was such a success back when it was released in 1975 that it caused Silver Convention to become the first German act to have a number one song on the American music charts! It also carries the distinction of being the BILLBOARD chart-topper with the fewest words in its lyric (6 total). Bit of trivia for you, in a segment on VH1’s 100 Greatest Dance Songs – it was revealed the working title for the track was “Run, Rabbit, Run” (yeah I know, nowhere near as catchy!)

The track firmly finds itself in the disco era and genre based on release date and overall sound combined, the instrumental having that high drama with the soft violin intro that kicks into high gear by the end; and the minimal and/or nonsensical lyric. This was a big joke (accusations of lack of depth I suppose? The fact that the band and image were completely manufactured probably also didn't help) on the genre for quite some time but some stellar numbers came out during this era including ***BEST SONG EVER*** I Feel Love by Donna Summer!

The reason for the minimal lyric of Fly Robin Fly according to some sources is that the German group could not really speak English and were unable to memorise a page of lyric in an unfamiliar language, making the songwriter behind the group go for that option. Silver Convention was initiated in Munich by producers and songwriters Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze, and used female session vocalists. The vocalists were only a studio group and the performances were provided by professional entertainers, three tall slender ladies who were the public face of the band, and on the video we have linked here (About A Girl music video teebs redux with the extras) and inspired quite a few comments about their dance abilities!

I figure a lot of you were ambivalent or reticent of giving it high scores on the gorgeous instrumental alone as there didn’t appear to be much to it but let’s not deny Fly Robin Fly makes for a magical relaxing listen!

Let’s tackle these divisive opinions!

DjHazey (9) starts with all positive, except for the iconic minimal lyric - Now this is what I'm talking about. The bass/keys combo is a masterclass beat and the strings come in and make for that iconic melody I'm sure everyone has heard at least once in their life. Also their choreography is mesmerizing; I could watch it for hours. It's shame there weren't more lyrics though or I would've had a 10 ready.

Unnameable (3) puts his soothsayer hat one – there’s a reason I’ve never heard this. Ufint (8) - This is quite amazing euro disco, but I wish there was more to the song than just those six words. Give Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay a spin! Iheartpoptarts (2) does not like the instrumental - Is not here for any of it - Violin overkill.

DominoDancing (3) agrees with the overkill comment but enjoyed the beginning - I was ready to like this after the first thirty seconds, but then I had to realize that I had already heard the complete song and that it would refuse to end for five more minutes of my life.

Baby Clyde (2) must be psychic in regards to where these songs placed! What do you have pegged for the winner? (The 70's equivalent of Las Ketchup) Sprockrooster (10) is transported! - When that instrumental starts at 1.30 I am inside YASSING so god damn hard, cause what a moment. Instant 10 because of it. What is this?? Empty Shoebox (7) not being shady twist?? - Yeah, let's not look too long at the lyrics for this one. Let's instead listen to the strings. They're gorgeous.

Trouble In Paradise (9) - Love the near transcendent nature of this song. The lyrics, the production, the strings, the vocals all give me “getting high at the planetarium” feels.

Filippa (3) is back with a sledgehammer - This was a huge hit and it is haunting me through the decades. It is still played at certain events and welcomed enthusiastically. But I don’t like it. Disco is not my genre … Saviodxl (5.3) is entertained - Their dancemoves made me laugh a little. Queens of armography ComeOnGloria (2) is a little grumpy - Just lazy! I could have written better than that! Kermit_The_Frog (8) is loving this discovery and previews an upcoming score - A brand-new discovery for me and I’m a little bit in love. Imagine the shoddy workmanship of The Nolans but backed by a good song. Enjoyable. Zar-Unity (6) likes this a lot by his score system - Minimal lyrics, but quite the funky beat! Tech: 3 Taste: 3 = 6 points