#soon! Part Un - The 60s-00s Girl Band Debut Breakthrough Rate

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Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
Average Score: 6.339
Highest Score: 10 x 2 (@DJHazey, @kermit_the_frog)
Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (@Filippa)​

Many go on in their commentary about how their reference to this song is the later Mary J Blige track, while with me seeing this title just puts the Lionel Ritchie track firmly in my mind. Not necessarily a bad thing as that Lionel number is probably one of his best tracks. In the battle of the All Night Longs though, I have to admit Lionel takes it for me.

This is not to say the Mary Jane Girls don’t do a great job selling and giving you the flavour and need for an all night session here. The vocal delivery has such lusty anticipation it most certainly is the sort of enticing situation a lot of the audience would respond to. What stops it being an all time great of this track list for me is that I am not as fond of the vocal loops or the more repeated notes before it really goes off vocally towards the end (it could use being a smidge shorter although the saxophone solo has charm, but then the ‘All Night Long’ quality might build the length into it..).

All Night Long by the Mary Jane Girls never did crack the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at #11 on the Hot Black Singles Chart and what made it qualify for this list was its peak of #13 in the UK charts – a rare case of the English being more receptive to this sound than America at that point in time (1983). Now, this ‘Contemporary R&B’ category this track falls under is also an interesting one. At that early stage, the sound still had an experimental quality to it - the saxophone finish for instance, the lounge-y groove, the way the girls trade verses with punctuating just a few words here and there would go on to be standards at certain points, but back in the early 80s – quite a unique blend.

This track is also one of the most sampled or reworked from the list with Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige, Black Eyed Peas, LL Cool J, Jay Z and many others giving parts of the song new life in other numbers from their repertoire – showing what wealth the original track produced, written and arranged by Rick James had! Now, another band with similarities with the one eliminated just before – I swear, @Baby Clyde is working her Dark Lady magic on my rate somehow! – Rick James put his Silver Convention hat on and saw fit to use session vocalists in some of the recordings from Mary Jane Girls instead of actual band members to back lead vocalist Joanne McDuffie – the disco era, her impact! Also, drama around the band name and ownership would make the Sugababes blush! Read their Wikipedia page here under 'Legacy’.

PopJustice – what did you think??

Zar-Unity (6) rates the looks and vocals - These girls look like freaks! They carry their voices well! Tech: 4 Taste: 2 = 6 points Kermit_The_Frog (10) only has love - A complete classic - even if my first introduction to the song was via Mary J. Blige’s cover version. Bonus points (what, you can only go higher than a 10 for one song?) for taking a song about general sauciness and shagging, then wearing costumes that seem to be hinting at different facets of the sex-work industry… eat your heart out Andrea True Connection!!!! ComeOnGloria (2) is Confucius - What the hell was that!? Saviodxl (2) was not here for it - Weak chorus

Spillett (8) also has Sugababes references for us - ('you got my shook up on your lovin' made me think of Sugababes on Freak Like Me singing 'I got you shook up on your knees'. There's elements of this that also sound like Last Time Lover (the 'allllll niiiiight looong bits). The lead singer also sounds like Janelle Monae) Filippa (0) has decided to take on DJHazey - So sorry I don’t like it. Trouble In Paradise (8) finds lots to love in the delivery - Those “aaaaaaal niiiiight loooooong”’s are so sumptuous and I love the “shook up, shook down, shook out” part, but the song definitely feels a little too long for me. Empty Shoebox (7) still giving us Jack Twist - Decent if not amazing funk record. Points deducted for sampling and for whispering, breathy vocals. DominoDancing (4) has some negatives to report - This sounds very 70s for something released in 83. Nice bass line, but like a lot of the 70s songs I also didn't enjoy, this is just too long, repetitive and boring for my liking. Iheartpoptarts (7) name drops someone else - LL Cool J! I keep rapping over this in my head. Unnameable is short and to the point – what I dislike about the 80s. We finish with Stan DJHazey (10) - Yaaaas, Vice City's Fever 105 FM!!!! I can't tell you how much nostalgia I have with all the GTA soundtrack songs. I literally spent 200+ hours with Vice City alone, so that should tell you.​

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Fuck, hearing that makes me think of cruising across Starfish Island in my smoking Comet, smoking because I just finished losing the cops after a stand off in Washington Beach, heading towards Little Havana, hearing 'suspect in Little Havana' blaring over the game, looking for a gang war between the Cubans/Haitans I could use as a diversion until my wanted stars went away and could continue trying to find all 100 'bags of cash' collectibles. Good times.

Y'all wrong for this.